University of Vermont

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Skyler Perkins

Skyler Perkins Master's Student, CDAE & EE Certificate Student

BA, Global Studies, University of Vermont


Advisor: Josh Farley

Skyler was born and raised in Vermont, especially enjoying the mountains each winter. He has spent much of his career coaching skiing and working with children in various school programs. He enjoys their honest and fresh perspective. In academics he found that Ecological Economics shares this integrity and can offer approaches which deal more with the essential nature of people, communities, and ecosystems than the dominant approaches of the day. After participating in classes as an undergraduate, Skyler has focused his efforts on communicating his new knowledge through writing and film. He sees this communication as a necessary component in creating the conditions for healthy change. Now he is back for more, studying for his certificate in Ecological Economics and an M.S. in CDAE. Skyler is currently involved in researching a sustainable food system for Chittenden County.

Research Interests: Agroforestry, Latin America, Communication and Story
Thesis Topic: In Progress

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