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Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Gund Steady State Group to participate in DeGrowth Conference

As the viability of development models meet increasing levels of skepticism, people around the globe are questioning the traditional growth-based model of society. To test new ideas and propose new models, the Gund Institute's Steady State Working Group will join scholars, activists, environmentalists, and indigenous peoples in this year's Degrowth in the Americas Conference in Montreal, May 13-19. The conference seeks "to invent new ways of living together in a true democracy, respectful of the values of equality and freedom, based on sharing and cooperation, and with sufficiently moderate consumption so as to be sustainable."

Members of the Gund working group have been investigating the elements of a post-growth economy, defined as a steady state of throughput, with a particular emphasis on how money creation fuels the growth imperative. Graduate students Aaron Witham, Matt Burke, Steve Posner, Matt Putnam and Brian Kelly will join Fellows Josh Farley and Gary Flomenhoft on a panel to discuss their research on "Monetary and Fiscal Policy for a Steady State Economy".

Additional presentations by members of the working group include:

  • "The Other Road To Serfdom: How Infinite Planet Economics Threatens Democracy" by Gund Fellow Eric Zencey.
  • "Symposium: Growth Drivers and Solutions - Action Plan" with Gund Fellow Gary Flomenhoft and colleagues.
  • "Speed and Equity as Barriers and Tools in the Degrowth Transition" by Gund Fellow Robert Herendeen

For more information on the international meeting, visit the conference web site at