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Academic Services and Support

While it's true that your UVM experience is largely what you make of it, the university community wants to play a supporting role in your success. Experienced professionals are available to help — just ask for it. University-wide support exists outside of your individual college/school:

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Haven't declared a major?

You're not alone. With the exception of graduate and medical programs, many students applying to UVM remain undeclared when choosing a major. When applying, students must choose one of the seven schools/colleges as a "home base," but have until the end of first or second year at UVM to declare. Work with your advisor to explore your options.

Academic advising and support

Undergraduate academic advisors (faculty members assigned to advise you) can help you clarify and meet your educational and career goals.

Encouraging undergraduate research and hands-on learning

UVM's educational philosophy encourages hands-on learning; this may include fieldwork, service-learning and co-op programs, undergraduate research and/or internships. Though research conversations may first happen with your professors, many university-wide resources exist:

Support for students with disabilities

Help with notetaking, adaptive technologies, classroom accommodations, even coordination with housing needs: The Office of Accommodation, Consultation, Collaboration & Educational Support (ACCESS) is here to help. Visit the ACCESS website.

Tutoring, study skills and writing assistance

The Learning Cooperative exists at UVM to help students reach their full academic potential by offering hands-on academic assistance. Visit the Learning Co-op online.

Supporting the achievement of African, Latino/a, Asian and Native American and multi-racial students

The ALANA Student Center (ASC) promotes the academic achievement, personal growth, identity formation and cultural development of ALANA students at UVM. Visit ALANA Student Center's website.

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5th in the nation for study abroad

The Institute of International Education ranked UVM 5th in the nation among public doctoral universities for study abroad participation. Visit the Office of International Education

Support for students' study abroad endeavors and international students

The Office of International Education helps students with the academic and logistical concerns surrounding studying abroad. International students and professors also obtain support through this office. Visit OIE online.

Resources for career exploration

Career Services offers help with the pursuit of careers, work study and internships. Businesses use Career Services to connect with potential employees. Visit Career Services online.

Ensuring active learning

The Dean of Students Office is responsible for creating an outstanding student experience that promotes intellectual and personal growth. In addition, it serves some very functional purposes like helping students with a residency appeal or granting permission to study abroad. Dean of Students Office website.

Academic and research resources at the UVM libraries

The UVM Libraries, which include the main Bailey/Howe, Dana Medical and Cook Chemistry and Physics libraries, offer a collection of 1.5 million books; regional and national full-text databases; an extensive catalog of films, videos, maps and government documents; and historic and rare materials. UVM Libraries online.

Technical support

The Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) at UVM is an all-encompassing IT group. Let ETS enhance your academic experience with computer help and purchases, software needs, networking, e-mail support and a computer help line for emergencies. ETS website.

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