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Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
8th edition

David C. Howell


Seeing Statistics

This page contains applets from McClelland's Seeing Statistics, which have been integrated with material in Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, (8th edition) by David C. Howell. You merely need to click on the appropriate link to open the applet, and then follow the directions on the page. BUT SEE NOTE BELOW!!

These applets will require that you have Java installed on your computer. You can very easily download that software for free by clicking on the following image. Just follow their instructions. (Be patient at first--it can take a while for the first image to load.)

Get Java(TM) Technology Now

However, beginning with Java version 7, update 51, Sun Microsystems made an important security change which defeats the purpose of many authors who write Java Apps like this. Sun now insists that all Java Apps have a security certificate. The lack of a certificat normally prohibits the app you want to run from running. You can see how to get around this problem by going to What they suggest is that you add an exception to the Java program. If you are running a version of Windows before 8 or running Windows 8 the old fashion way--you have the old normal screen-- go to the start button in the lower left, click on "All Programs," select "Java" and then "Configure Java," and finally chose the "Security" button. You will get the following screen.

Notice that near the bottom is an "Exception List," with "" and "" You can add the same exceptions that I have by clicking on "Edit Site List ..." Put those exceptions in and click OK. You should now be all set to run. (I use both "http://" and "https://" because you can get to this page in different ways and some may not use the more secure https setting.) When you start Java by clicking on one of the Java Apps (e.g. "Why Divide by N - 1?"), it will ask if you still want to run the app. Click "Run." and you are all set. (If you have already got Java or your browser running, close it and then reopen it after adding the exception.)

If you are running Windows 8 as it came from the box, you have a screen filled with a million (well, lots) of icons. (It makes me feel as if I am playing some sort of children's game.) I no longer remember if you can get to the little Start menu from there because I installed (free) Start8 immediately after installing Windows, so my screen now looks like the old screen. But there should be an icon that says "Configure Java," and that is what you want. (My screen has, as its first icon, "Desktop," and that takes me to the old screen. Maybe yours does too.)


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Chapter 10:  Regression Chapter 12:  Hypothesis Tests Applies to Mean; One Sample Chapter 14:  Hypothesis Tests Applies to Mean; Two Samples Chapter 15:  Power Chapter 16:  One-way Analysis of Variance

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