Lizard Malaria Parasites

Plasmodium "azurophilum"
This is a common parasite of anole lizards on Caribbean islands. However, the "species" is actually two species, one that lives in erythrocytes and the other in several classes of white blood cells.
[Species in White Blood Cells] [Species in Red Blood Cells]

Plasmodium mexicanum
Life Cycle
P. mexicanum life cycle animation by Alli Neal:
Asexual Stages

Plasmodium agamae.
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Plasmodium floridense [Gallery]

Plasmodium giganteum [Gallery] [Heavy infection]

Schellackia [Gallery of several species]

Microfilarial worms [Gallery of several species]

Haemogrgarines [Gallery of several species]

Plasmodium kentropyx from Surinam [Gallery]