Research Results

Below is a series of short essays that summarize 28 years of research on lizard and avian malaria parasites. These synthesize the results presented in the published papers listed in the Publications section of this site. However, some flexibility is taken in presenting the broader meaning of the results (that is "opinion" creeps in where it would not be suitable in a journal publication). These essays will be edited and updated from time-to-time. The hope is that the essays will be of use to students who are first learning about the biology of malaria parasites. Simply click the button next to each title to download the pdf. [Note: The site is still under construction, so pdf's are available for topics with "AVAILABLE" shown.]

Molecular systematics of malaria parasites (are differences in life history traits phylogenetically informative?) [AVAILABLE]
Cryptic species of a lizard malaria parasite, and its phylogeography in the Caribbean islands
Virulence of lizard malaria parasites (variation among species and testing the theory of parasite virulence)
Sexual selection and lizard malaria parasites
Life history ecology of lizard malaria parasites, and sex ratio of gametocytes
Spatial and temporal trends in the prevlance of lizard malaria (multiple sites and long-term studies)
Vector ecology of a lizard malaria parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum (how the parasite manipulates the vector's behavior)
Clonal diversity of Plasmodium mexicanum revealed using microsatellite markers
Cryptic diversity of avian malaria parasites
Morphology vs. gene sequence data in identifying and classifying avian malaria parasites
Host range of avian malaria parasites