Jesse Franklin

Graduate student

Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

University of Vermont

Tel: (303)-330-1185


Office: Innovation Hall E324

Areas of interest: Arithemic geometry, Modular forms, Algebraic geometry, Number Theory, Cryptography, Drinfeld Setting

Figure 1 (below): My and my grandma's dog



I am a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Vermont pursuing a PhD in math. In May 2019 I recieved a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder with Latin honors. I spent my first year of undergrad at the Georgia Institute of Technology and then transfered to CU Boulder for my other two years.

My teaching background is gymnastics coaching for the City of Boulder, tutoring with National Honors Society in high school, yoga instruction for CorePower Yoga during college and finally my TA work at UVM, where I have been both an assistant and instructor of record.

My research right now is about modular forms for congruence subgroups in the Drinfeld setting.


Since my CV includes my most notable scholarships, honors and publications in detail, this website will include only supplementary information to the CV. I want to ackowledge the Keller Family and the Ryan Keller Memorial Scholarship and my algebra instructor Dr. Richard Green, both of which parties were crucial for my academic career.


Advisor: Christelle Vincent. UVM.

Former (BA) Advisor: Nat Thiem. CU Boulder.


some documents I wrote:

  1. Notes for the Grad student seminar.
  2. Notes about Petri's theorem .

My Syllabi are:

  1. Math 17 Sp 21.
  2. Math 19 F 19.
  3. Math 19 F 20.
  4. Math 19 Sp 20.
  5. Math 17 F 21.
  6. Math 10 S 22.

I study numbers for a living, climb rocks, ski uphill both ways, read, and play games. If you want I can greet you in around six languages and almost talk to you in two.