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Email: eclark[at]uvm[dot]edu
Office: Farrell Hall 2nd Floor RM 204 (Trinity Campus)
Affiliates: Department of Mathematics & Statistics,
Vermont Complex Systems Center, Computational Story Lab,
Department of Surgery,
Global Health Economics Unit of the Vermont Center for Clinical and Translational Science

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My Professional CV

I am an applied mathematician who is interested in implementing mathematical theory to solve real-world,  interdisciplinary problems.  My interests include (but are not limited to) Network Theory, Social Contagion, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Evolutionary Algorithms, and Complex Systems.  Currently, I am working with the Department of Surgery at UVM to investigate  health trends on Twitter to make socio-geographical comparisons of different treatment regimens and how sentiments surrounding such health disparities are changing over time.

StoryLabComputational Story Lab
On Positivity and Politicians: Linking Candidate Annotated Debate Transcripts to Public Twitter Sentiment
   Computational StoryLab (blog post)  
March 2015
Debate comparison link Dem Debate Timeseries

On Positivity and Politicians: Polling for Sentiment on Twitter
Computational StoryLab (blog post)
  March 2015

Politico TS  Trump Politico Twitter


Selected Journal Publications:

Sifting robotic from organic text: A natural language approach for detecting automation on Twitter
  Journal of Computational Science     
 Published 19 November 2015

bot violin  Robot Fencing

Vaporous Marketing: Uncovering Pervasive Electronic Cigarette Advertisements on Twitter
    arXiv Preprint (in review PLOS one)    
 Published 8 August 2015

ecig user tweet distribution   Ecig Bot Wordcloud

Human language reveals a universal positivity bias
  Published 9 January 2015
Translation Checkerboard trans shift hists
Projects and Conference Presentations:

Social Media Meets Population Health: A Sentiment and Demographic Analysis of Tobacco and E-cigarette Use Across the Twittersphere     
ISPOR Amsterdam Conference Nov 2014

Ispor poster screenshot

Electronic Cigarettes on Twitter: Organic Responses to Mass Social Media Marketing Campaigns         
VCBH Conference Oct '14

VCBH Ecig Poster

Multi-Lingual Valence Analysis Across 20th Century Literature and the Twittersphere

Master's Thesis: Accepted Spring '14 
(For Full Thesis Click Here)
UVM SRC Spring '14
  (For poster Version Click Here)
SRC 14

Interactive Translation Happiness Comparisons

Evoloving Multiple Gaits for a Robot using Random Boolean Networks
UVM Student Research Conference Spring '13

RBN Robots

Solar System Numerical Integration
Solar System Integrator




Forbes Article, Operation Blue Sky:
"IBM Research Data Scientist Eric Clark explores wearable technologies that could help monitor and analyze biological data from study subjects on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown, NY. IBM and Pfizer are collaborating to create a first-of-a-kind remote monitoring system to support patients with Parkinson's disease. This non-invasive, real-time approach to patient data will offer new insights into disease progression and treatment plans. By applying advanced analytics and machine learning to sensor data, the hope is to transform how neurological diseases are diagnosed and treated. And, ultimately, change how clinical trials are designed. "
-Fortune (article)

measure theory

Past Courses @UVM:Koch Snowflake

Math 021: Z1          Summer '14
Exam 1: Due Thursday June 5
Exam 2: Due Thursday June 19
Final Exam Review

Mathematica Labs:
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Math 019G: Fundamentals of Calculus I         Spring '13 
Math 019N/Q: Fundamentals of Calculus I         Fall '13

Course Syllabus
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Lecture Notes
Chapter R: Algebra Review   

Ch1: Linear Functions
Ch2: Nonlinear Functions
Ch3: 3.1 - 3.3
Ch 3.3- 4.1
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Ch 5: Extrema
Ch 6: Optimization
Unit Circle

Math 017A: Applications of Modern Mathematics            Fall '12
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