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For information about applications and deadlines for any of the opportunities offered by the Department or to obtain application forms or hard copy information, contact the Departmental office.

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Internship Support Awards

We are pleased to offer a limited number of internship support awards, each of which may provide up to $1,000 of support for a student wishing to pursue professional training in the field through an extracurricular internship. Such internship experiences typically happen during the summer but might instead take place during other breaks in a student’s academic career; or, in some instances, might occur post-graduation.

The Department is especially eager to support students who have secured internships at prestigious institutions and / or internships that will offer considerable learning opportunities. Internships outside of the Burlington area, especially internships in major metropolitan areas or abroad, will be given preference, as they normally entail higher living and travel costs.

For further information and information on applying for an internship grant, contact

Kailey Rinder image

I had a terrific internship working one on one with Kelsy Parkhouse, the designer and founder of Carleen in Brooklyn, NY. I was able to experience nearly every part of executing a successful women's clothing line. I recommend that everyone undertake an internship before graduating, as mine helped me feel so much more at ease about the future. –Kailey Rinder ‘16


2017 recipients of internship support awards

Paige Hanley: interning at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, VT
Madison Yates: interning at Christie’s in New York City
Julia Blasius: interning at the Center for Book Arts in New York City
Haley Crocker: interning at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

2016 recipients of internship support awards

Stan Walden: interning at the Minneapolis Institute of Art
Kate Fain: interning at the Brant Art Foundation Study Center in Greenwich, CT
Paige Hanley: interning at the David Lewis Gallery in New York City
Amelia Garrison: interning at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

2015 recipients of internship support awards

Nina Friedman: interning at SculptureCenter in New York City
Amelia Garrison: interning at the Huntington Museum
Dominique Powers: interning at Monarc Studio in New York City
Kailey Rinder: interning with Kelsy Parkhouse, a fashion designer in New York City

Under direction of the SFMOMA Individual Giving Department, I curated a stewardship event for donors and their families to have greater accessibility to the museum. This was a result of major research on successful museum family programs nationally and internationally, as well as fieldwork with donors to construct a relevant and meaningful program. My final end project was presented to various departments of the SFMOMA (Curatorial, Development, Human Resources, and Individual Giving), and will be implemented in the spring of 2017. Cumulatively, all aspects of my project utilized skillsets that I gained while studying Art History and Anthropology at the University of Vermont. From research strategy and critical thinking, to fieldwork and public speaking, I could not be more grateful to the University of Vermont for providing me with life skills that have already benefitted my career as a recent graduate. –Amelia Garrison '16






Junior and Senior Awards and Prizes

Senior Awards and Exhibition

The Senior Exhibition is a celebration and showcase of work created by graduating Studio Art and Art Education majors and minors. Every student who enters work for the Senior Award competition will have one work chosen for the Senior Exhibition. The exhibition will open in early May and continue through to Commencement Day. An awards ceremony announcing the prize winners and a reception celebrating the work of UVM's graduating seniors will be held in the Colburn Gallery immediately following the CAS Commencement Ceremony. The Senior Prizes are as follows.

  1. The Jennifer Goldstein Memorial Prize: Jennifer Goldstein was a talented third-year art student at UVM who tragically died in the spring of 1998. She had clear intentions of pursuing a career in art and the abilities to do so successfully. In her memory, 221 donors, led by family and close friends, have created a fund that underwrites one Goldstein Prize, in perpetuity. The award is given to one graduating UVM Studio Art or Art Education major or a minor to further their creative development.
  2. The Paul Aschenbach Prize: Presented annually to a UVM senior in recognition of her/his outstanding artwork. Given through the generosity of John Wittenberg, UVM Studio Art alumnus in honor of his mentor, Paul Aschenbach, respected artist, teacher and former faculty member at UVM.

Previous Prize Winners:

  • 2017 – Rowan Shalit (Goldstein Prize), Julia Blasius (Aschenbach Award)
  • 2016 – Hannah Babiss (Goldstein Prize), Sean Bayles (Aschenbach Award)
  • 2015 – Danielle Curran (Goldstein Prize), AliciaRose Pastore (Aschenbach Award)
  • 2014 – Christopher Richards, Jordan Redell, Honorable Mention: Emily Booker
  • 2013 – Harrison McCandless
  • 2012 – Cody Brgant, Avery McIntosh, Honorable Mention: Henry Webb
  • 2011 – Nicholas Earl, Jasmine Parsia Honorable Mention: Benjamin Weis and Violeta Hinojosa

Junior Awards and Exhibition

Each spring the Department juries work of junior majors in Studio Art. The four prize winners are given an exhibition the following fall in the Colburn Gallery. The four prizes for Junior majors in Studio Arts are as follows.

  1. The Hewitt Prize: Awarded in honor of the late Frank Hewitt, distinguished artist and Associate Professor of Art at UVM.
  2. The Ian Crawford Prize: Awarded in honor of the late Ian Crawford, an outstanding student in Studio Art.
  3. Vermont Art Supply Award: Made available through the generosity of the owner of the Vermont Art Supply Store on Pine Street in Burlington.
  4. The Owen Prize: Awarded to an exceptional Junior through the generosity of faculty Emeritus Frank Owen.

maynard image

Having my art portfolio critiqued by department faculty, which resulted in winning a Junior prize award, served to solidify my confidence, validate my art making, and has inspired me to continue to pursue art making. I now feel confident in my creative thinking abilities throughout all aspects of my life. –Jeff Maynard ‘16


Previous Prize Winners:

  • 2017 – Lily Barker, Tyler Fletcher, YanYan Kwan, Jun Xiao
  • 2016 – Grayson Crounse, Sarah Ingraham, Emilia Headrick, Chloe Mills
  • 2015 – Jeff Maynard, Jess D’Amelio, Brian Needles, Julianna Roen
  • 2014 – Elizabeth Powell, Dana Heng, Amanda Marquis, Wylla Skye
  • 2013 – Alexandra Smith, Ruth Shafer, Christopher Rubin, Eliza Carver
  • 2012 – Fraces Cannon, Jackson Tupper, Eliza Walp, Amanda Machamer
  • 2011 – Sarah Bush, Justin Hoekstra, Britt Lilienthal, Yarden Salei
Metropolitan Museum of Art Photograph by Jun Xiao - 2017 Junior Prize recipient











College of Arts and Sciences Funding Opportunities

APLE Funding

Two kinds of funding are available to help support student research done under the mentorship of a faculty member:


APLE awards provide up to $500 in support of expenses involved in credit-bearing undergraduate research and creative activities. Each year, up to twenty-four awards will be available to support such activities as travel to research libraries or other sites to gather data, expenses for supplies and so forth.

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: October 31
  • Spring Semester: February 15

Application Criteria

  • Applications may be made twice yearly. Deadlines are October 31 and February 15 each year.
  • Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Undergraduates doing research and creative projects for credit in collaboration with UVM faculty members are eligible to apply.
  • Students must have a sponsor in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • No student may receive more than one award during his/her undergraduate career.
  • The maximum amount available for each award is $500. The College of Arts and Sciences will contribute up to $250 to the student's sponsoring department or program to be used solely for expenses related to the project. The department/program must match the amount contributed by the College.
  • APLE funds are not available for internships or for expenses related to the dissemination of research results, such as conference attendance.

APLE Award Application


APLE Summer Stipends provide a summer salary of $3,000 for undergraduate students. Typically two stipends are awarded each year.

Application Deadline:

  • April 1 each year.

Application Criteria

  • Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Undergraduates doing research and creative projects in collaboration with faculty mentors in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply.
  • Research must be completed prior to graduation.
  • No student may receive more than one summer stipend during his/her undergraduate career.
  • Awards are $3000 [30 hours per week for 10 weeks].
  • Students who have been awarded a summer stipend from the UVM Office of Undergraduate Research are not eligible to receive an APLE Summer Stipend.

APLE Summer Stipend Application


OUR Funding Opportunities

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides several different funding opportunities for undergraduates currently enrolled at the University of Vermont. All require a UVM faculty sponsor.

Mini Grants

The Mini Grants provide up to $500 for research expenses. Students may use the funds to cover the costs related to research and creative projects, such as disposable /consumable media for the lab or studio, printing, specialized software, admission fees, rental of equipment, or participant incentives. Students may not receive funds for living expenses during the academic year or for charges incurred for UVM courses.

Students may receive one Mini and one Travel Award during each academic year.

Applications reviewed on a rolling basis and awards are made until funds are exhausted. Apply early!

OUR Travel Awards

OUR Travel Awards fund undergraduates for travel ($500 domestic and $1000 international) to conduct international research or to present at a professional conference. Awards may be used to pay for conference registration, food, transportation, parking, or lodging.

Students may receive one Mini and one Travel Award during each academic year.

Applications reviewed on a rolling basis and awards are made until funds are exhausted. Apply early!

Outstanding Research, Creative Activity, and Scholarship Award (ORCAS)

ORCAS provide a significant funding opportunity during the academic year for students pursuing truly distinctive, innovative, and original projects. They provide funding to cover research expenses up to $2500, plus an additional $1000 to present at a regional, national, or international conference.

Summer Research Awards

Summer Research Awards allow 20 students to focus on their research, creative or scholarly activities during the summer by providing a $3500 stipend and up to $1500 for research costs.

Brennan Summer Research Fellowship

The Brennan Summer Research Fellowship recognizes the top 2-3 summer research proposals, by providing a $3500 stipend, $1500 for research expenses, and travel money to present the students' research at a conference.

OUR Internship Funding Opportunities

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides funding for research internships and also provides support to several other offices to help students obtain funding for internships. Opportunities are for undergraduates currently enrolled at the University of Vermont. All require a UVM faculty sponsor.

Public Impact Research Awards

The Public Impact Research Award helps students defray the personal costs of accepting a research/creative internship (or internship with a significant research/creative component). Each award is for a maximum of $2000.

Anna Whitcomb Internship Scholarship

The Anna Whitcomb Internship Scholarship is awarded to students who intend to participate in a career-related opportunity, and need financial assistance in order to accept an unpaid internship. Four awards of up to $2375 each will be offered. It is offered and administered by the Career Center.

Due in mid-March each year



Plotkin Arts Internship Scholarship

The Plotkin Arts Internship Scholarship is awarded to students who intend to participate in an arts- related career opportunity, and need financial assistance in order to accept an unpaid internship. Preference is given to students majoring or minoring in one of the following arts disciplines: studio art, art history, art education, music, music education, dance, theater, or film & television studies. Applicants must be in good standing, and current students at the University of Vermont. Four awards of up to $2375 each will be awarded at the beginning of the summer.

Any undergraduate degree-seeking University of Vermont student is eligible to apply. Eligible students must plan to continue their course of studies for the fall 2015 semester, which means that students planning to graduate in May 2015 are not eligible for this award. It is important to note that the purpose of this scholarship is to assist students with attaining experience relating to career and professional development. Because of this, scholarship decisions are not made on the basis of previous experience or GPA. Rather, awards are based on:

  • The benefits a student will gain from the internship
  • How the internship aligns with a student's career/professional goals
  • Financial need
  • Do not rule yourself out!

Internship eligibility

Eligible internships are those that provide a substantive learning experience. A student should have the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom, and to attain new knowledge or skills that are transferrable to other employment settings. There should be clearly defined learning objectives/goals, and consistent supervision and feedback from an experienced supervisor.

You do not need to have confirmed internship to apply, but distribution of the scholarship will be contingent upon receiving a letter from your employer detailing the following information:

  • The organization name and address
  • Confirmation of your internship offer
  • A brief outline of your responsibilities
  • Scholarship Recipient Obligations

    The following items will be required from scholarship recipients:

    • A thank you note to the benefactor
    • A two page, double-spaced summary answering the following questions:
      • How did this internship help you grow personally and professionally?
      • How did this internship opportunity affect your career goals? Did it help you explore options, gain skills, or refine a plan as it relates to your career?

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