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Mollie Ruprecht Fund for Visual Arts

    View from Williams Hall#4033 2001 by Bill Jacobson

    The Mollie Ruprecht Fund for Visual Arts provides generous support for bringing artists and critics to visit the UVM Department of Art and Art History. The Ruprecht Fund was established in 2011 by Bill Ruprecht, an alumnus of the Department to honor his daughter, Mollie Ruprecht, who was also an Art and Art History major. Ruprecht visitors' creative work has often been integrated into the curriculum of our courses, and many of the visiting artists have exhibited their work in conjunction with their visits. The Ruprecht Fund has thus proven to be deeply beneficial to our teaching mission and public profile.


    Past Ruprecht Visiting Artists

    • Bill Jacobson (2015)
    • Louise Lawler (2015)
    • Laurie Simmons (2015)
    • Judy Natal (2014)
    • Polly Apfelbaum (2014)
    • Carlos Ruiz-Valarino (2014)
    • Nathan Budoff (2014)
    • Fred Wilson (2013)
    • Jonathan Gitelson (2013)
    • John Newman (2013)
    • Nina Bovasso (2012)
    • Conrad Bakker (2012)
    • Fred Tomaselli (2011)
    • Sebaastian Bremer (2011)

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