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Requirements for the Teacher Education / Art Education Program (Pre-K through 12)

Recent work by Miranda Warren '17

Art Education Handbook
  • Enrolling in Art Education Major
  • Students who would like to be an Art Education major must enroll in the College of Education and Social Services. Undergraduate students may declare their intention to be an Art Education major on their application to the University or by the beginning of sophomore year (if intending to graduate in 8 semesters). To change majors to become an Art Education major, students must first apply online to become a member of the College of Education and Social Services, and then declare their major to be Art Education.

  • GPA Requirements
  • All students who wish to be an Art Education major are accepted if they have a 3.0 GPA (with the exception of first-year students). A 3.0 GPA must be maintained in order to continue in the major as a junior. Additionally, juniors and seniors must have a minimum of a 3.0 in each professional art education course, including student teaching.

  • Candidacy
  • Students in the Art Education Program are considered candidates in the program until all requirements to graduate with certification in art have been successfully passed.

  • Advising
  • Students must meet with the Art Education advisor/director every semester to select courses and keep track of requirements for graduation and certification. However, students are ultimately personally responsible for monitoring their academic progress by looking at their CATs report.

  • Approval for Student Teaching
  • Students must get approval from their advisor / Art Education Director to set up student teaching prior to enrolling in EDSC 226 (student teaching).

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