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As our university’s 233rd year began I had the pleasure, on a beautiful August evening, to join with faculty, staff, and students for our annual Convocation and Twilight Induction. The focus was, of course, our newest Catamounts, the Class of 2027. They are among the most extraordinary new classes in the university’s history: the best prepared in terms of academics and with the greatest...

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UVM is Emerging as a Research Powerhouse

As an enthusiastic advocate for American research universities and an active researcher myself, I am especially proud of this spring’s UVM Magazine that highlights some of the exceptional examples of discovery and innovation made possible by my wonderful colleagues at the University of Vermont.

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Teach students to argue. Our democracy depends on it.

UVM’s faculty and staff are always considering new ways to ensure student success—the theme of this edition of the magazine and one of the university’s three strategic imperatives.  

Most agree that graduating in a timely manner, securing gainful employment, or pursuing graduate education are evidence of success.  

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