Global Health is Local Health: A Physician at the Frontlines

Dr. Omar Khan speaking at a podium

As president and CEO of Delaware Health Sciences Alliance, an organization that includes the major health systems and research universities in the Delaware Valley, Dr. Omar Khan, MD ’03, is at the frontlines of the COVID-19 response.

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UVM professor of English Major Jackson writes at his computer in home office

Writing the Sisyphus Within

Sisyphus is perhaps best known in Greek mythology for being condemned to an eternity spent rolling a boulder uphill, just to watch it roll back down and repeat the process. His punishment has inspired work from painters, artists and writers through centuries depicting the strength it takes Sisyphus to, quite literally, carry on with the task.

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Emily Bernard

UVM’s Bernard Wins Prestigious Christopher Isherwood Prize in LA Times Book Prizes Competition

University of Vermont English professor Emily Bernard has won the prestigious Christopher Isherwood Prize for autobiographical prose in the Los Angeles Times 2020 Book Prizes competition for her 2019 book, “Black Is the Body.”

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