Adding pronouns to UVM Directory

A new directory field will help create a more respectful and inclusive UVM
buttons with pronouns like he/him, she/her, they/them laid out on a flat surface

Important updates have been made to the UVM Directory that create a more respectful, inclusive campus community. These updates resolve most issues with pronouns and lived names that many have experienced with Microsoft Teams and other campus systems.

As of July 25th the UVM Directory now includes a distinct field for indicating your pronouns. To set your pronouns, ...

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Noma Anderson speaks on UVM Health Network's Juneteenth Black Health Panel

'Not the Easiest of Journeys': A Conversation with Dean Noma Anderson

“Many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) individuals distrust healthcare, and the healthcare system.

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reunion of four friends

Taking the Pulse of Diversity Issues and Boosting the Vermont Workforce

Vermont is one of the oldest and whitest states in the country. Recent Census data show that only Maine has less racial diversity. Only Maine, Florida and West Virginia have a higher percentage of residents aged 65 or older.

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