UVM Among First to Offer Early Graduation to Nursing Students to Help During Pandemic

Students Can Enter Workforce in Early May
Kathryn Calisti

The University of Vermont has given nursing students the option of early graduation so they can enter the nursing workforce and provide support to overstressed healthcare workers during the height of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Equipment on in an Intensive Care unit

UVM Engineers and Technicians Fight Pandemic Behind the Scenes

The COVID-19 crisis has put the spotlight on the courageous doctors and nurses battling the disease at the front lines. But behind the scenes, another group of medical professionals is fighting its own battle with the virus, readying the equipment and outfitting the spaces medical staff need to be effective.

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Carl B. Silver  holds a prototype of a ventilator in a lab

Vermont Team Invents Emergency Ventilator

Over the last three weeks, a team of scientists, engineers and doctors at the University of Vermont have developed a new design—and built a working model—for a simple, inexpensive ventilator.

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