University of Vermont to Host United Nations Biosphere Delegation

Lake Champlain

On October 11, representatives from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Man and Biosphere Program (MAB) and the U.S.

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The president at the presser

UVM and USDA’s Agricultural Research Service Will Partner to Identify Factors That Help Small Farms Succeed

Vermont has seen strong growth in the number of diversified farms and in value-added food production, as many American consumers have become more aware of where their food comes from and how it is produced. At the same time, challenges for small diversified farms continue to mount, from new crop pests and diseases to regulation, changing markets and climate change. 

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Cheryl Sullivan, a Ph.D. student in UVM’s Entomology Research Lab, holds a dead adult moose tick engorged with blood and a container holding about 3,000 moose tick larva.

Naturally Occurring Fungi Could Curb Moose Tick Plague, UVM Entomologists Find

Cheryl Sullivan was in the woods one warm October day, flicking yet another tick from her leg, “which felt like the tenth of the day,” she says.

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