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UVM Writing Tutor Alumni Newsletter, February 2024

We hope this update from the Undergraduate Writing Center finds you well! We’ve been busy learning about the impacts of generative AI on our work, connecting current tutors with tutor alumni, celebrating International Writing Centers week, and (of course) tutoring writing. So far in 2023-24, we’ve had 1185 sessions with 680 students! This Spring, we also have an Honors Thesis/Capstone writing group and are hosting monthly Write-In Nights for a distraction-reduced space to focus on writing.

Generative AI

It’s no secret that ChatGPT has generated a lot of interest, anxiety, and debate about how generative AI (genAI) will change the landscape in higher education and beyond. To learn more about supporting student writers through this transition we’ve been:

  • working with the Writing in the Disciplines program to explore faculty concerns,
  • consulting with writing tutors,
  • looking to other writing centers, like the UNC Tips & Tools guide to Generative AI,
  • and exploring various AI and genAI tools and programs to better understand them.

We want to guide students to consider the benefits and limits of these tools as well as to understand the questions about ethics and agency

We would love to know how Generative AI is affecting you—whether in the work you do, your pursuit of further education, or in your personal life. Please take our short survey to share your feelings and thoughts about GenAI and any experiences you have using it.

International Writing Centers Week

The week of Valentine’s Day is also International Writing Centers Week! This year:

  • We invited students to “Share the Love” by writing the names of those who inspire them on sticky hearts and adding them to a poster in the lobby of Howe Library. We were delighted by their level of participation; students gave many “shout-outs” to their friends, parents, mentors, and idols.
  • We “Shared the Love” during a tabling event on Valentine’s Day where we got students registered and gave away 150 chocolates and lots of color-changing pencils. 
  • We also had writers leave notes of appreciation for the writing tutors. After all, they are the heartbeat of the writing center – just as you were during your time! Thanks for helping to shape the writing center into what it is today!

A bowl of inspirational chocolates with words like: be brave, ambitious, leader strong, I can, own it, shine on.April Christenson stands behind a table draped with the writing centers' table cloth. The table displays two bowls of chocolates, origami hearts, and QR codes. A banner of paper hearts is strung across the front of the tablecloth.A poster that says

UVM Connect

Writing tutors have been working on their resumes and professional network profiles as they prepare for life after UVM. If you haven’t already joined UVM Connect and requested to join our sub-group of Writing Center Alumni, we would love to welcome you. UVM Connect is a growing global network similar to LinkedIn but specifically for Catamounts. Identify yourself as “Willing to Help,” and current writing tutors will know they can connect with you to ask questions and learn more about how to translate the skills they are building as writing tutors into opportunities beyond UVM—just like you did.

Curious about our current tutors and day-to-day activities? Follow us @catswriteuvm on Instagram!

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We are open Sunday through Friday, from the second week of classes through the last day of classes, each fall and spring semester; we are closed during the summer.  See the appointment calendar for available times.

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