The Undergraduate Writing Center is staffed by more than
40 tutors from a wide variety of disciplines.  

Connor A, Tutor


Major: English; Minor: Film/Television Studies

Interests: Reading, film, music, and board games

Zoe A, Tutor


Major: History; Minor: Writing

Interests: Cooking, listening to music, scrolling endlessly through tiktok, reading, napping

Noah A, Tutor


Majors: Political Science and English

Interests: Rock climbing, crocheting, video games, reading, anything outside 

Ethan B, Tutor


Majors: History and Russian

Interests: Biking, skateboarding, video games, rock climbing

Jane B, Tutor


Major: History

Interests: Reading, writing, and crocheting small turtles

Eliza B, Tutor


Major: Biology; Minor: Writing

Interests: Soccer, baking, working out

Amelia C, Tutor


Major: Economics; Minors: Food Systems and Writing

Interests: Cooking, making very curated playlists, reading and writing, long walks, having fun, and playing games

Isabel C, Tutor


Major: Community and International Development; Minor: Food Systems

Interests: Hiking, gardening, listening to music, cooking

Sydney D, Tutor


Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders; Minor: Special Education

Interests: Baking, reading, hiking, astrology

Danielle D, Tutor

Major: Environmental Science; Minor: Chinese

Interests: Running, reading, hiking, snowboarding, and spending time with friends and family

Carolyn D, Tutor


Major: Psychological Sciences; Minor: English

Interests: Running, cycling, anything outdoorsy, and reading

Eamon D, Tutor


Major: English; Minors: Studio Art and Philosophy

Interests: Reading, writing, traveling, and baking

Adeline F, Tutor


Majors: Studio Art and Psychology

Interests: Art, movies, music, and hammocking 

Erica F, Tutor


Majors: Biology and English

Interests: Reading, music, and ultimate frisbee

Michael H, Tutor

Major: Political Science; Minor: History

Interests: Squash, tennis, hiking, skiing, chilling

Meghan H, Tutor


Majors: History, Sociology, Philosophy

Interests: The Bachelor franchise, chihuahuas, and true crime

Annaliese H, Tutor


Majors: Greek and Classical Civilizations; Minor: Psychology

Interests: Translating, drawing, listening to music, reading

Nadia H, Tutor


Major: Neuroscience; Minors: Health and Society and Biology

Interests: Swimming, biking, cooking, walking my dog

Madeline H, Tutor


Major: Anthropology; Minor: Health and Society

Interests: Reading, baking, taking walks with my dog

Veronica I, Tutor


Majors: Political Science, English

Interests: Reading, fitness, Game of Thrones, and soccer

Jess L, Tutor


Major: Psychological Science; Minor: Philosophy

Interests: Music, figure skating, cooking (and eating)

Eliza L, Tutor


Majors: Art History and Museum Studies; Minor: Classical Civilizations

Interests: I am a writer and editor for the Water Tower, which I adore! I like to spend my free time with my cats (... and my other roommates).

Ian L, Tutor


Major: History; Minor: Political Science

Interests: Playing piano, reading

Ollie M, Tutor


Major: Plant Biology; Minor: Film

Interests: Crocheting, gardening, collecting houseplants, watching movies, baking, and thrifting!

Livia M, Tutor


Major: Molecular Genetics; Minor: Psychology

Intersts: Reading, yoga, walking my dog, and listening to music

Oscar M, Tutor


Major: Geography; Minors: Writing and GSWS

Interests: Science fiction, fantasy, history, cooking, lifting, dance, politics, queerness

Molly M


Major: English; Minor: Sociology

Interests: Creative writing, books, skiing, playing the NYT crossword puzzle, spendign time with friends and family

Lucie N


Majors: Dance and Political Science

Interests: Reading, embroidery, playing guitar

Nina P, Tutor


Major: English; Minor: Biology

Interests: Skiing, rowing, reading

Emma P, Tutor


Major: Public Communication

Interests: I am an Opinion Columnist for the Vermont Cynic which I absolutely love! I am also the Co-Director of Marketing for the Student Alumni Association. My other interests outside of academics include crochet, embroidery, reading, watching anime, and baking!

Ciara P, Tutor


Major: English; Minor: Music Technology

Interests: Music, skateboarding, and going on Zillow

Antonio P, Tutor


Major: English; Minor: Philosophy

Intersts: Soccer, Netflix, movies, books, and food

Cate R, Tutor


Major: Public Health; Minors: Integrative Health and Neuroscience

Interests: Hiking with my dog, yoga, cooking, skiing, and rock climbing

Shelby R, Tutor

Major: Political Science; Minors: Spanish and Writing

Interests: Reading, yoga, listening to music, watching movies, baking

Claudia R, Tutor & WID Mentor


Major: Neuroscience; Minor: English and Chemistry

Interests: Skiing, cooking, music, movies, podcasts, and the outdoors

Sarah S, Tutor


Major: Elementary Education; Minor: English

Interests: Dance, anything outdoors, painting, writing, and going to concerts

Nic S, Tutor


Major: Religion; Minor: Health and Society

Interests: Gaming, writing, and reading

Olivia S, Tutor & Outreach Coordinator


Major: Biochemistry; Minor: Emergency Medical Services

Interests: Reading, dance, theatre, crafting, yoga

Corynne S


Major: Linguistics; Minor: Music

Interests: Language learning, music, cooking, skiing, animals

Max T, Tutor


Major: Economics and Russian & East European Studies

Interest: Skiing

Mia U, Tutor


Major: Psychological Science; Minor: Writing

Interests: Reading, crocheting, movies, music

Violet W, Tutor


Major: Biological Sciences

Interests: Being outdoors, music, traveling, movies, hiking

Liz W,Tutor


Major: Environmental Studies; Minors: Geography and Writing

Interests: Music, skateboarding, concerts, guitar, getting outside

Elanore W, Tutor & WID Mentor


Major: Secondary Education; Concentration: English

Interests: Painting, singing, reading, traveling, listening to music

Izzy W, Tutor


Major: Environmental Studies; Minor: Agroecology

Interests: Playing with my dog and intramural sports with friends

Willow Z


Major: Economics; Minors: English and Psychological Sciences

Interests: Lifting weights, eating out, reading, snowboarding, sporting events, going to concerts, going to the beach

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We are open Sunday through Friday, from the second week of classes through the last day of classes, each fall and spring semester; we are closed during the summer.  See the appointment calendar for available times.

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Ground Floor of Howe Library: Down the main stairway and to the right, or take the Circulation elevator down, turn left and follow straight past main stairway..

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