The Undergraduate Writing Center is staffed by more than
40 tutors from a wide variety of disciplines.  

Adeline F, Tutor


Majors: Studio Art; Minor: Psychology

Interests: Art, movies, music, and hammocking 

Alma S, Tutor


Major: Environmental Science; Minor: English

Interests: Reading, writing, storytelling, crocheting, drawing, hiking, going to the gym, and listening to music

Amelia C, Tutor

Amelia H, Tutor

Major: Nursing; Minor: Religious Studies

Interests: Reading, knitting, crocheting, watching movies, and spending time with my friends

Annika L, Tutor


Major: Psychology

Interests: Guitar (electric/acoustic), piano, snowboarding, painting, traveling, barista-ing, and decorating

Antonio P, Tutor


Major: English; Minor: Philosophy

Interests: Soccer, Netflix, movies, books, and food

Cameron P, Tutor


Major: Geography; Minor: Anthropology

Interests: Traveling, reading, and music

Carolyn D, Tutor


Major: Psychological Science; Minor: English

Interests: Running, cycling, anything outdoorsy, and reading

Cole B, Tutor


Major: English

Interests: Poetry, music, drawing, and logic puzzles

Danielle D, Tutor


Major: Environmental Science; Minor: Chinese

Interests: Running, reading, hiking, snowboarding, and spending time with friends and family

David R, Tutor


Major: Political Science and Economics

Interests: Reading, writing, cooking, video games, watching football and basketball with friends

Eamon D, Tutor


Major: English; Minor: Studio Art

Interests: Reading, writing, traveling, and baking

Eliza B, Tutor

Major: Biology

Interests: Soccer, baking, working out

Emma W, Tutor

Majors: History and Film & Television Studies

Interests: Watching new movies and shows (especially war era pieces) and track

Emory G, Tutor


Major: Anthropology

Interests: Skiing, music, thrifting, and making jewelry

Ethan B, Tutor


Majors: History and Russian

Interests: Biking, hiking, video games, skiing, and relaxing

Evelyn H, Tutor


Major: English

Izzy W, Tutor


Major: Environmental Studies; Minor: Agroecology

Interests: Playing with my dog and intramural sports with friends

Jack P, Tutor

Majors: Philosophy and Political Science

Interests: Politics, music, and reading

Jane B, WID Mentor


Major: History; Minors: Film & Television Studies and Geography

Interests: Reading obsessively, crocheting small turtles, and baking bread

Lexi D, Tutor


Major: Environmental Studies; Minor: English

Interests: Reading, swimming, hiking, and kayaking

Lily S, Tutor


Major: Human Development and Family Science

Interests: Dancing, singing, listening to music, being outside, skiing, and hanging out with my loved ones

Lola B, Tutor


Major: Psychological Science; Minor: Sociology 

Interests: Reading, hammocking, movies, and puzzles

Maddie L, Tutor


Major: English; Minor: Education for Cultural & Linguistic Diversity

Interests: Making and listening to music, playing rugby, reading, and being outdoors

Max L, Tutor

Major: Secondary Education with a concentration in English; Minor: Coaching

Interests: Reading, hiking, soccer, and watching the Giants win on Sundays

Max T, Tutor


Majors: Economics and Russian & East European Studies

Interest: Skiing

Maya P, Tutor


Major: English, Minor: Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Interests: Reading, kayaking, cooking, and swimming

Meghan H, Tutor


Majors: History, Sociology, and Philosophy

Interests: Cooking, listening to music, the Bachelorette franchise, chihuahuas, checkers, and making collages with friends

Nadia H, Tutor


Major: Neuroscience; Minors: Health & Society and Biology

Interests: Swimming, biking, cooking, and walking my dog

Nina P, Tutor


Majors: English and French

Interests: Reading, painting, piano, baking, and crocheting/knitting

Noah A, Tutor


Majors: Political Science and English

Interests: Rock climbing, crocheting, video games, reading, anything outside 

Ollie M, Tutor


Major: Plant Biology

Interests: Reading, crocheting, baking, and gardening

Quinn H, Tutor


Major: English; Minor: Political Science

Sadie P, Tutor

Major: English; Minor: Spanish and Psychology

Interests: Running, spin class, bouldering, reading, thrifting, listening to music, and watching TV

Sam S, Tutor

Major: English; Minor: Studio Art

Interests: Mountain biking, snowboarding, writing, and drawing

Sarah S, Tutor


Major: Elementary Education; Minor: Psychological Science

Interests: Dance, anything outdoors, painting, writing, and going to concerts

Sebastian C, Tutor


Majors: Music Technology & Business and Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Interests: Culinary arts, music, and reading


Shelby R, Tutor


Major: Political Science; Minors: Spanish and Writing

Interests: Reading, yoga, listening to music, watching movies, and baking

Suzannah B, Tutor


Majors: Political Science and Sociology 

Interests: Baking, rock climbing, swimming, and reading

Sydney D, Tutor

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders; Minor: Special Education and Health & Society

Interests: Reading, baking, lifting, hiking, skiing, and board games

Symaira E, Tutor

Major: Psychology; Minor: Classics 

Interests: Reading, music, and movies

Veronica I, Tutor

Majors: Political Science and English; Minor: French

Interests: Reading, fitness, Game of Thrones, and soccer

Violet W, Tutor


Major: Biological Sciences; Minor: Health & Society

Interests: Being outdoors, music, traveling, movies, hiking

Zoe A, Tutor


Major: History; Minor: Holocaust Studies

Interests: Cooking, listening to music, scrolling endlessly through tiktok, reading, and napping

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Ground Floor of Howe Library: Down the main stairway and to the right, or take the Circulation elevator down, turn left and follow straight past main stairway..

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