Have a question about a paper you're writing? Need a fresh perspective? Want to brainstorm ideas with another writer?  Make an appointment with one of our friendly peer tutors for individual writing support at any point in the writing process.

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Visiting the Undergraduate Writing Center

A Look Around the Undergraduate Writing Center

Our welcoming and supportive writing center space is located on the ground floor of Howe Memorial Library and features a variety of seating and resource options so that you can feel at home. If you'd like to become familiar with the physical space before an in-person visit, take a visual tour, audio tour, or text tour of our space.


What is an Online Appointment Like?

Students can choose in-person or online appointments. In-person appointments are held in the Writing Center on the Ground Floor of Howe library. This video tutorial shows how to meet your tutor for an online appointment and demonstrates some of the tools in our online platform. When you make an appointment, instructions for joining your online session (PDF) will also be sent to you in your confirmation email. 


Making & Canceling Appointments

Schedule or Cancel an Appointment through WCOnline

Register for an Account

The first time you use our appointment schedule system, WCOnline, you will need to register through a short form. This will only take a couple of minutes. After that, it is as simple as logging in, clicking on your chosen time, and providing a little information about what you are working on.

Make an appointment

You can reserve time with a peer tutor up to one week in advance through our online appointment scheduling system.  Log into the schedule system, search for an open slot (white), click on the slot and then provide the required information.  If you'd like to, you can attach a copy of your draft or assignment to the appointment.

Looking for a group appointment? Group projects are available face-to-face. One student should make the appointment, mark it as a group appointment, and include the names of other members of the group (a maximum of 4 students) in the appointment form.

Cancel an Appointment

To cancel an appointment, log into the online scheduling system in advance, click on your appointment, and then click "cancel."  If you are unable to cancel, your appointment will be marked as "missed," but we still appreciate notification so that we can open the slot to other students.

Drop-Ins Welcome

If you would like to visit the writing center but do not have an appointment, you are welcome to drop by to see if a tutor is available.  Though there is no guarantee that you will be seen, there are times when slots become available due to another student not showing up or a tutor finishing early with a student.

Request a Writing Partner for Weekly Appointments

Ask for a writing partner if you plan on using the Writing Center frequently over the course of the semester. This program allows you to meet weekly with the same tutor, rather than starting over with a different person each time you come to the Writing Center. It also allows you to be matched with a tutor who fits your specific situation. At your first meeting, you and your tutor will set some goals for the semester.

Schedule an Appointment

Virtual Help Desk

Meet the Tutors

Tutors by Area of Concentration


We are open Sunday through Friday, from the second week of classes through the last day of classes, each fall and spring semester; we are closed during the summer and winter break.  See the appointment calendar for available times.

Tutoring Location

Ground Floor of Howe Library: Down the main stairway and to the right, or take the Circulation elevator down, turn left and follow straight past main stairway..

Contact Information

Administrative Phone:
(802) 656-1958

Email: writing.center@uvm.edu

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Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Session

  • Be on time.  If you are 10 minutes late, you will lose your reserved time.  Sessions end 10 minutes before the hour.
  • Reduce distrations.  Turn off alerts on your devices.
  • Review the assignment, your draft, and relevant texts in advance. Be prepared to share them with your tutor.
  • Tell the tutor what you hope to accomplish in the session.
  • Tell the tutor about strategies that have worked for you in the past.

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