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By participating in a program approved by the Office of International Education (OIE) and completing all required steps through UVM's GoAbroad, you may be able to use a portion, or in some cases, all of your UVM financial aid award to assist with required expenses associated with studying abroad.

Since each study abroad program and student financial situation is unique, and financial aid eligibility varies based on the program type, it is a good idea to contact Student Financial Services (SFS) for detailed information.

Billing information

  • Students are assessed a UVM study abroad fee
    • $500 per semester
    • $500 for a year-long program (only if same program and same destination)
    • $250 for a summer program
  • UVM billing notifications will be sent to the student (and their Proxy) once the bill is available online (even if you are participating in an external study abroad program)
  • Students participating in a UVM sponsored exchange (including ISEP-exchange but not ISEP-Direct) or a UVM semester abroad program (UVM in Galway, Ireland; UVM in Auckland, New Zealand; UVM Field Studies in Costa Rica or Buckham Overseas Study) will have their tuition and fees billed to their UVM student account. Depending on program type, housing and meals may also be billed by UVM.
  • Students who are abroad for a semester through an exchange program and also enroll in a UVM online course will be billed tuition for the online course in addition to the exchange program fee.  Students pay an exchange program fee (based on the amount of in-state tuition and fees) rather than payment of tuition per credit based on actual registration.  Any additional UVM credits taken outside the exchange program are subject to tuition rates based on their residency.
  • Students not participating in a UVM sponsored exchange or UVM semester abroad program, will likely be billed from their host institution that they are studying abroad through. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that this bill is settled in a timely manner. The study abroad fee listed above will be billed by UVM.
    • Many host institutions are willing to defer your due date (for some or all of your balance) if the student has made them aware of pending financial aid from UVM.  Therefore, it is important to complete the GoAbroad process early, and find out what information your host institution needs in order to defer your due date until your financial aid is disbursed.
  • Financial aid recipients: Financial aid will disburse to UVM ten days before the UVM semester begins or your study abroad program starts (whichever is later).
    • Financial aid is applied toward any charges on your UVM student account (such as the study abroad fee), and remaining funds will be refunded to the student and/or parent. Balances due to a program (host institution) are the responsibility of the student.
    • UVM disburses aid on a semester basis.  If a student is in a year-long program, the student and/or parent will receive a refund after aid disbursement each semester.
    • Note: failure to complete all necessary financial aid/loan requirements may delay or prohibit the release of funds.

How do I apply for financial aid to study abroad?

  • Begin by applying for financial aid just as if you were remaining on campus by filing the FAFSA by UVM's priority deadline.
  • Contact the Office of International Education (OIE) to begin the GoAbroad process.
    • Part of the GoAbroad process to receive financial aid includes completing a budget sheet where students list and provide documentation of all eligible expenses for their program. For assistance in completing their budget sheet, students should attend a Budget Sheet Help Session. Completed budget sheets and cost documentation are provided by the student to Student Financial Services.
  • SFS will provide students with a financial aid award based on eligible expenses for their program.
  • Students are registered for OSSP to ensure that they remain classified as a UVM student and eligible for financial aid.

What expenses are eligible?

  • Only required expenses associated with the study abroad program plus a standard allowance for cost of living and local transportation can be covered through financial aid. Specific expenses that can be covered through financial aid for your program abroad are based upon the budget sheet created as part of the GoAbroad process.
  • Required expenses generally include: tuition, fees, housing and meals, books, and round-trip airfare.
  • Allowances for cost of living and local transportation are based upon the country in which the student is studying. Expenses for optional travel or personal/miscellaneous costs exceeding the costs of living/local transportation allowance for the country in which a student is studying in will not be covered through financial aid.

Can I take my financial aid abroad?

  • Students participating in a UVM sponsored exchange (including ISEP-exchange but NOT ISEP-Direct), or a UVM semester program (UVM in Galway, Ireland; UVM in Auckland, New Zealand; UVM Field Studies in Costa Rica, or Buckham Overseas Study program) will generally remain eligible for UVM funded need-based aid (i.e., UVM grants), Federal and state aid, as well as most UVM merit-based scholarships.
  • Currently, Vermont residents pay UVM in-state tuition, and out-of-state students receive a 40% reduction on out-of-state tuition when participating in a UVM sponsored exchange. UVM scholarships may be used for these programs but for out-of-state students, they are reduced to account for the 40% reduction in non-resident tuition rate for participation in these programs; UVM grants, sometimes adjusted for the new total cost of attendance, also may be used for these programs.
  • Students who are participating in an external program (including ISEP-Direct programs) which is not a UVM sponsored exchange or a UVM semester abroad program, will generally remain eligible for Federal and state aid.  UVM funded need-based aid (i.e., UVM grants) and merit-based scholarships generally are not available for the semester(s) the student is abroad.
  • Financial aid is not available for courses taken from another institution unless it is a UVM approved program with OIE.
  • Students who are studying abroad in a program which is less expensive than studying at UVM will have their financial aid eligibility revised based on the costs of the program (which may mean that a students eligibility for need-based aid will be reduced). 
  • Loans (generally in the form of a parent PLUS loan) may be available to replace aid which is not eligible for the students program abroad (such as work-study or UVM need-based aid or merit scholarships).  Loan aid may also be available to cover the increased costs for program which may be more expensive than studying at UVM.
  • Since circumstances vary, students should check with SFS about their specific award eligibility based on the program type they have chosen.

If I withdraw from an Exchange Program, will I receive a refund?

Students who are participating in a UVM Exchange Program where they are paying UVM tuition and fees, and in some cases housing and meals will follow this tuition refund schedule when completely withdrawing from their program.

Taking Additional UVM Courses While on a Semester Study Abroad Program

If a student participating in a semester study abroad program (where the tuition and comprehensive fees are billed by UVM), enrolls in additional UVM courses in the same semester, they will be billed the per credit rate for those additional credits they are taking at UVM, in addition to being charged their UVM study abroad tuition and fees.  This occurs regardless of the number of credits the student is earning through their semester study abroad program. For example, if a student is enrolled in a UVM exchange program for the Spring semester, but also enrolls for a 3-credit travel-study course over winter break (which is billed as part of the Spring semester), the student will be charged for the 3 credits which are in addition to their Spring semester study abroad tuition and fees.

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