Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) provides institutional approval for all proposal submissions to external sponsors, accepts awards on behalf of UVM and facilitates award administration across campus and with our sponsors. 

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Reviews proposals for compliance with UVM policies and sponsor proposal guidelines.
  • Approves and authorizes submission of proposals on behalf of UVM.
  • Provides policy guidance and assistance with proposal budget development, administrative forms, sponsor-required certifications and representations, and compliance requirements.
  • Reviews, negotiates, and provides UVM acceptance of awards in support of sponsored projects.
  • Collects Principal Investigator concurrence with new award terms and conditions.
  • Approves and expedites pre-award arrangements, i.e. revised budgets, sponsor requested documentation of regulatory approvals, etc.
  • Coordinates with UVM Innovations on negotiation and acceptance of intellectual property provisions in industry awards.
  • Maintains database of University-wide proposal and award activity and provide institutional reports.
  • Provides tools for electronic submission of proposals.
  • Generates outgoing subawards.
  • Confirms approval of regulatory compliance involving humans, animals, FCOI, export control.
  • Notifies sponsors of post-award modifications approved under expanded authorities.
  • Sets up and maintains award, project and contract information in financial system (PeopleSoft)
  • Prepares invoices
  • Draws cash from letters of credit
  • Prepares interim and final financial reports
  • Manages cash, including: Deposits and posts sponsor payments, Engages in accounts receivable (AR) collections.
  • Reviews project financial activity for compliance with federal, sponsor, and University policies and regulations.
  • Approves non-payroll cost transfer activities.
  • Performs award close outs in coordination with Principal Investigator and business unit administrator.
  • Completes and submit Final financial reports.
  • Provides sponsored project training opportunities thru SPA.edu.
  • Establishes UVM sponsored project administration procedures.
  • Coordinates sponsored project audit and site visit activities, including the Single Audit.

Updated 11/9/21