The IBB algorithm 4a is about the distribution of F&A revenue. The critical components of the algorithm are as follows:

  • The bulk of F&A or indirect cost revenue will be distributed to responsibility centers
  • This will predominantly based on the proposed effort of the Principal Investigators (PI) and Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PI).
  • Effective, January 15, 2017 cross-college agreements outside the normal F&A splits specified in the IBB formula can drive the F&A distribution.
  • These agreements will need to be documented and agreed upon by the appropriate Deans.
  • A smaller portion of the F&A revenue, that which is not distributed to the responsibility centers, will be distributed to the Office of the Vice President for Research for the purposes of incentivizing research and sponsored activities.

Additional Resources

Updated 10/13/19

F&A Allocation Query

To obtain data on the allocation of F&A, run this PeopelSoft Query for the relevant fiscal years and months.