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The Student Goverment’s elected student representatives work year-round to elicit positive and lasting change for our campus community and beyond. We commit to leading with compassion, operating with transparency, and making sure all students feel their voices are being heard.

The following are the current initiatives for the SGA executive team and eight student-led committees meant to enhance your UVM experience.

Current Initiatives

SGA President and Vice President

  • Enhance Campus Safety:
    Examine possible modifications to the campus blue light system and implementation of a campus safety app such as LiveSafe.
  • Address Campus Food Insecurity & On-campus Food Pantry:
    Implement an on-campus Food pantry to address a 2018 survey that found 1 in 5 UVM students experiences food insecurity.
  • Climate Action at UVM:
    Submitted a climate action report to President Garimella, working with VP of Finance Richard Cate to set new climate goals for the university, and reworking the Clean Energy Fund to expand the criteria and increase student representation on the panel deciding which proposals to fund.

Club Affairs Committee

  • Continuing to oversee all activities related to SGA organizations.
  • Considering all requests for new club recognitions and submiting them before the SGA Senate for approval. 
  • Ensuring that clubs and organizations are running smoothly and following all SGA and UVM policies and guidelines.
  • Assisting in conduct violations in conjunction with Student Conduct and Student Life.

Committee on the Environment

  • Ensure cigarette butt receptacles are installed on campus to decrease water and ground pollution.
  • Earmark sustainability funds in supplemental funding so clubs who want to host sustainable events are not overburdened by the increased cost of sustainable goods.
  • Bring environmental clubs and organizations together through the Environmental Collaboration Organization (ECO) to increase cooperation between groups and decrease redundancy of projects and initiatives.

Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (CODIE)

  • Building relationship with identity centers and student organizations
  • Increase on-campus resources for survivors of sexual assault / harrasment

Public Relations Committee

  • Improve visibility of Student Government via tabling and webinars
  • Posting weekly senatorial and club spotlights via Student Government social media
  • Create a monthly Student Government Association and Club newsletter
  • Conduct Vermont Student Opinion Poll to gain student perspectives on important issues

Committee on Student Action and Well-Being

  • Tackle food-insecurity for on and off-campus students
  • Work with UVM Dining to make dining services more accessible for those with food allergies and/or religious dietary customs.
  • Work with the Center for Health and Wellbeing to make Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS) more accessible and available to students.
  • Help create a safer campus environment, both physically and emotionally.

Finance Committee

  • Managing Student Government club budgets.
  • Assisting clubs with event funding and providing them with resources to fulfill their mission.
  • Managing the budgeting process that occurs each February.

Committee on Legislative and Community Affairs (COLCA)

  • Improve traffic and pedestrian safety at the UHeights / Main Street Intersection.
  • Educate student tenants on their rights and responsibilities.
  • Connect students with Burlington City Councilors through Coffee with the Councilors event(s).
  • Improve accessibility of composting for off-campus students.

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Ensure first year honors students receive the same access to important university info as other First Years recieve in Teacher-Advisor Programs TAP courses.
  • Increase course evaluation transparency to gain insight on Student Accessibility Services and the effectiveness of D1/D2 courses.
  • Enhancing Course Descriptions for student courses.
  • Continue to work with College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean’s Advisory Committee.

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