Did you know that two members of the Board of Trustees are students? And that every year a new student is appointed? If you want to help make decisions that determine the future of the University, consider applying to become a Student Trustee!

Apply Here (Word Document - be sure to click "Enable Editing")

The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College Board of Trustees consists of 25 members. Nine members are appointed by the Vermont General Assembly, nine are appointed by the UVM Board, three are appointed by the Governor of Vermont, and two are students. The Governor of Vermont and the President of the University serve as members on the basis of their office.

To be a Student Trustee, you must:

  • Be a full-time undergraduate, graduate, or medical student
  • Have two years left at the University at the time of being chosen in February 2024
  • Be 18 years of age by the beginning of your term on March 1st, 2024
  • Not be a current employee of the institution (work-study and Sodexo student employees are allowed to apply)
  • Request and review all mandatory documents (three videos and one PowerPoint) by 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday, January 9, 2024
  • Complete the application by 12:00 PM on Friday, January 12, 2024

The University of Vermont Board of Trustees has full legal responsibility and authority for the University of Vermont, including the management and control of property and affairs; the setting and approval of policies, budgets and strategic planning; and the appointment of the President. A Student Trustee has full voting rights and serves a two-year term.

*The Associated Directors for the Appointment of The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College Student Trustees, Inc serves as the selection committee. It is comprised of nine students, including undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. All materials sent are confidential and only seen by the nine members.


  • January 9, 2024 by 5:00 PM EST: Deadline to request all required documents from Olivia Eisenberg (olivia.eisenberg@uvm.edu)
  • January 12, 2024 by 12:00 PM EST: All materials, reference letters, and the completed application due to Olivia Eisenberg (olivia.eisenberg@uvm.edu)
  • January 19, 2024: Finalists will be selected and scheduled for interviews
  • January 22-25, 2024: Interviews will be conducted
  • February 1, 2024: New student trustee chosen and notified


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