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What is Voice?

UVM Voice is the best way for UVM Students to let the Student Government Association know how they can make their lives on campus better or what changes they have really liked here on campus. The Voice system can be used to communicate any idea you have to improve campus whether it be small or large. The UVM SGA Student Action Committee will then use this information to pursue projects and communicate with other student representatives and members of the Student Administration, Faculty, and Staff here in order to give them an idea of what UVM students want and need on campus. If you chose to be contact further the Student Action Committee will work with you to find more information and figure out a course of action to communicate with other members of the community to address your comments or concerns. You have the option to not include your name or contact information when completing this form, regardless of your choice of whether or not to include your name or be contacted the Student Action Committee will still treat each case with the same amount of time and effort. Thank you for helping the SGA help you!

If you would like to remain anonymous, please leave the Name and Email field Blank.

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