Study First to Calculate Countries' Paris Agreement Targets for Agriculture

Voluntary mitigation targets set by countries as part of the Paris Agreement are insufficient to limit climate change to a 2 degree C increase in global temperature by 2100.
Corn field

The agriculture and land use sector comprised almost a fifth of human-made greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 and may comprise three-quarters of emissions by 2100, but its critical role in climate change is often overlooked in favor of the energy and transportation sectors. 

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Emily Bogan

Emily Bogan Pinpoints Her Interest in Environmental Education Through Experiential Learning Opportunities

A senior in the UVM Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, Emily Bogan ‘18 appreciates that she could take core courses in the natural sciences, build an ecological background, but follow a socially oriented major in the Parks, Recreation and Tourism (PRT) program. 

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John DeVillars

Founder of Clean Energy Company Joins Rubenstein School Board

John DeVillars, co-founder and Chair of BlueWave Solar, joined the University of Vermont Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources’ Board of Advisors February 1, 2018. DeVillars is a clean energy and environmental professional with leadership experience in the public and private sectors.

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