New Map Shows Many Old-growth Forests Remain In Europe

First-of-its kind study pinpoints where truly wild places still exist from Norway to Italy
Bill Keeton training Ukrainian forest rangers in forest measurement

Though you might read about deep, dark woods in fairy tales, the prevailing story today is that very little European old-growth forest remains. But now a new study—and map—shows that a surprising number of these primary forests still stand.

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Blake Thomas, Nick Tepper, Alissa Young collect data in woods

Seniors in Capstone Course Take on Teamwork, Communication, Problem-Solving

On a cool, sunny day in early April, three University of Vermont Rubenstein School students, armed with a tape measure, compass, and clipboard, headed into a stand of pine, hemlock, and red maple trees. The woods are part of the 225-acre LaPlatte River Marsh Natural Area in Shelburne, Vermont.

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Bill Keeton stands next to tip up mound

Bill Keeton Manages Forests for Old Growth Traits to Boost Carbon Storage, Fight Climate Change

The traditional concept of an old growth forest conjures visions of tall trees; massive, moss-covered logs; and a forest floor teeming with understory plants, animals, and other organisms.

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