UVM provides facilities and resources for numerous educational programs and other activities for minor students and children, taking place both on and off-campus, including:

  • athletic, music or academic camps
  • child-care programs
  • 4-H activities
  • secondary school student visits
  • mentoring programs that involve private instruction
  • admitted student overnight stays in Res Halls
  • certain research activities
  • other

In order to ensure the safety and mitigate the risk of harm to this vulnerable population,

This policy requires sponsoring departments to:

  • Notify the Department of Risk Management and Safety about the program.
  • Consult with General Counsel regarding all contracts related to programs involving minors
  • Ensure that proper written communications, marketing materials about the program and waivers/consents are provided to parents/legal guardians prior to the program (Risk Management can help with this)
  • Ensure background checks are completed prior to the program for all individuals who will have direct contact with minors by completing the UVM background check form (PDF)  then forwarding on to Human Resources
  • Ensure all individuals who are in direct contact with minors receive the required training. UVM affiliates have access to three online trainings.

Protecting Children: Hiring Staff Who Work With Minors (not relevant for all)
Protecting Children: Shine A Light
Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Users must register the first time logging into the site. Under Registration, fill in the required fields marked with an asterisk and type your netID in Optional Field 1. In Optional Field 2, please note your department or UVM affiliation. After completing the trainings, there is an option to download a completion certificate. We recommend that you keep the certificate for your records.

There are also UVM Procedures on reporting suspected incidents of child abuse (PDF).

All child abuse incidents that occur involving minors and children in UVM programs must be reported for investigation, regardless of the severity of the event, to:

  • The employee’s or volunteer’s immediate supervisor
  • The supervisor then must report to:
    • Campus Police
    • Appropriate child welfare agency (DCF in Vermont)