Davis Student Center and campus

UVM Department of Risk Management & Safety exists to:

  • Identify and propose solutions to occupational and environmental health and safety problems
  • Identify and minimize exposure to fire and life safety hazards
Investigate health and safety concerns of staff, faculty and students
  • Administer UVM's chemical waste disposal program
  • Manage UVM's workers' compensation program
  • Protect University assets while managing all insurance claims
  • Manage cash reserves to cover uninsured claims
  • Assess risks of all UVM programs to minimize liabilities, accident, and adverse financial impact to the university. 
  • Conduct training for the following:
    • driver training
    • ergonomic training
    • chemical use awareness training
    • blood borne pathogen training

  • Conduct campus inspections, concerning fire, chemical and safety hazards
  • Advise the following campus safety committees:
    • Institutional Radiation Safety
    • Institutional BioSafety Committee
    • Institutional Review Board
    • Personal Safety & Response Team

    • Emergency Operations Group

  • Review contracts with third parties, along with the General Counsel's Office
  • Draft releases and waivers
  • Serve as a UVM representative to select regulatory agencies and insurance carriers

Mission Statement

The mission of UVM's Department of Risk Management & Safety is:

  • to promote safety and accident prevention
  • to manage the protection of University assets, both human and financial
  • to minimize legal liabilities
  • to support compliance with environmental health and safety regulations