Dear Faculty,

As we approach the last two weeks of classes and prepare for graduation, I detect a certain excitement in the air as students realize their educational goals in spite of the pandemic. Gary Derr’s recent message to students announcing the vaccine clinic taking place on campus on Sunday, May 2 has also buoyed spirits. We hope this will be the first of several on-campus clinics that will offer the convenient one-shot vaccine. I am grateful that our collaboration with the Vermont Department of Health has finally resulted in this opportunity for our students to be vaccinated on campus before they travel home, whether ‘home’ is here or abroad. For our graduating students, it is an important opportunity for them to be fully vaccinated before graduation. I am particularly thankful for Dr. Mark Levine’s efforts, who, as Commissioner of Health, has been advocating on our behalf for all college students across the state to have access to the COVID-19 vaccine.  Please encourage your students, including graduate and international students, to create their Vermont Department of Health (VDH) account, book the first available spot on Sunday, May 2, and to watch for upcoming vaccine clinics on campus to appear in the VDH vaccine portal if they cannot attend this clinic.

As I do each week, I’m writing to share reminders and information that I hope is helpful to you.

  • Guidance on summer internships allows for in-person elective internships and required internships and practica. In-person internships will be allowed, although remote internships are encouraged. The portion of the internship for which the student receives academic credit must be conducted remotely. As per the Summer 2021 Travel Policy Addendum, no additional travel approval is needed for students doing an internship in their home state, or entirely in Vermont. Dean’s Office approval is still needed for: in-person internships taking place outside of Vermont or the student’s home state; and in-person internships within Vermont that require travel outside of Vermont as part of the internship activities.
  • The final stage for the selection of the Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will begin next week. All interviews will be held in Teams. A campus open forum will be held on the following dates. Candidate information, a link to the event, and a link to a feedback form will be posted here. We appreciate your participation in this important event.

Candidate One
May 5, 2021
9:45 – 10:45 AM

Candidate Two
May 7, 2021
9:45 – 10:45 AM

Candidate Three
May 12, 2021
9:45 – 10:45 AM

  • The CTL Faculty Associates invite you to join a new Teaching Community in MS Teams, a community to foster the exchange of ideas, share resources, and learn from and support each other. Information on joining this teaching and learning community is found here.
  • Reminders and recent communications:
    • The Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award nominations are due by May 7, 2021.
    • As you prepare for the final weeks of the semester, please double check the final exam schedule and remind your students about the timing of your final exam; please also review the Final Exam policy to ensure that you abide by its provisions.
    • Final grades are due 72 hours after your final exam date/time, and must be submitted by noon on Friday May 21.
  • You can find detailed information on COVID-19 tests administered and results on the Weekly Testing Report. Last week’s student test results included 24 off-campus positives and 20 on-campus positives out of 16,719 tests (percent of new student cases already in quarantine: 29.5%). Last week’s faculty and staff test results included 0 positives out of 831 tests. Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to participate in regular testing.

In closing, I want to highlight the notice above about opportunities for members of our community to meet the finalists for the Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion position. This is a crucial position for us as we are working to achieve our Academic Success Goals and our university-wide action plans for inclusive excellence. Your input is an essential part of selecting the person who will support the entire campus in moving this work forward. Please participate in these open forums, and attend any additional meetings to which you have been invited due to your individual roles on campus.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you will find a moment to breathe, relax, and appreciate the spring flowers this rain will bring as we prepare for the final stretch.



Patricia Prelock, Provost and Senior Vice President