Welcome to CourseLeaf - UVM's Electronic Course Action Form

All Course Action Forms are due in the Provost's Office by February 15 each year for inclusion in the next academic year's course list and catalogue.

Use the electronic Course Action Form to enter course change information, attach documents, and track submissions through the approval process.


  • All salaried faculty and staff have access to the system (via UVM net ID and password)
  • You must enable cookies to access the system
  •  Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser; Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are NOT recommended
  • For new courses or course changes:
  • To approve a Course Action Form:

Instructions and Support

  1. There are introductory instructions on the system's landing page.
  2. Courseleaf has a robust "help" feature on the site. Use the blue help bubbles often.  
  3. There are "how to" instructions at the links below:


Kerry Castano at 802-656-1299 or Kerry.Castano@uvm.edu