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Electronic Research Systems



UVMClick is our electronic research administration system used for proposal preparation and submissions, award processing, reporting, financial set-up, conflict of interest (COI) disclosures, IRB, IACUC, IBC protocol submissions, monitoring and management.

PI Portal


The PI Portal is our Gateway to Friendly web based Sponsored Project Expenditure Reports.

For assistance, questions, feedback, suggestions, or need a demo, contact the PI Portal Team; SPA Lana.Metayer@uvm.edu, ETS Susan.Skalka@uvm.edu, or Research Admin's Brian.Prindle@uvm.edu.



The federal grant making process will soon mandate that every researcher have a unique digital persistent identifier (DPI). To fulfill this federal mandate, UVM Researchers should create an ORCID iD.

See the UVM Press Release: UVM Announces ORCID iD Integration and Important Steps for Researchers

To simplify the process, UVM launched an electronic integration process that will establish an ORCID iD and connect it to your UVM Directory and your UVMClick profile.

To Create and Connect your ORCID id go to the UVM Libraries Resource Page at ORCID iD and UVM.

If you already have an ORCID iD, you will follow the same path to connect it to your UVM Directory and UVMClick profile.

Questions can be directed to Donna O’Malley, the Libraries’ scholarly communications librarian at donna.omalley@uvm.edu.

Technical Support





UVMClick HelpUVMClick Technical Assistanceuvmclick@uvm.edu
Lynn TracyeRS Team Lead and UVMClick Project ManagerLynn.Tracy@uvm.edu
Richard Del PizzoSenior IT Professional SpecialistRichard.Del-Pizzo@uvm.edu
Cathy Ruley CondonBusiness Systems Analyst Catherine.Ruley@uvm.edu
Casey RockIT ProfessionalCasey.Rock@uvm.edu
PI Portal HelpPI Portal Technical AssistanceSusan.Skalka@uvm.edu
ORCID iD HelpLibrary Associate Prof • Dana Health Sciences LibraryDonna.OMalley@uvm.edu