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The Sourcebook, published every year by the Financial Analysis & Budgeting (FAB) office, is a collection of demographic and financial information. It is designed as a reference book for those who wish to know more about the numbers and trends that describe the University's size, costs, resources, and constituent groups.

University of Vermont Sourcebooks

pdf  FY2024 Sourcebook[5 mb]
  FY2023 Sourcebook[5 mb]
  FY2022 Sourcebook[4.20 mb]
PDF  FY2021 Sourcebook[5.84 mb]
PDF  FY2020 Sourcebook[1.90 mb]
PDF  FY2019 Sourcebook[1.68 mb]


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Please see the list of publications at the Financial Analysis & Budgeting (FAB) office if you can't find what you are looking for.