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Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan – Sample Plan

Included below is a sample Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (“EEAAP”) showing the types of information we are looking to gather in this process. To learn more about EEAAP’s, please read our knowledge article with additional background information.

If you have been directed to complete an EEAAP on an Identified Technology, please visit UVM’s EEAAP webform to fill out a plan. Once the form is completed it will automatically send a copy to yourself, the responsible official listed by you on the form, and members of the accessibility team.

If you have any questions about the EEAAP or EEAAP process, please do not hesitate to reach out to James Evans in Purchasing.



Your name:  Jane Doe

Requesting UVM College/Division: Purchasing

Your phone number: 802-656-6610

Your UVM email address: jane.doe@uvm.edu
The results of this form will be emailed to this address. Please use your @uvm.edu email address. Please note College of Medicine addresses (@med.uvm.edu) will not receive copies of this form.

Responsible official: VP of Finance and Administration
The responsible official is the person in your department responsible for final approval of all technology purchases in your department.

Responsible official’s phone number: 802-656-0219

Responsible official’s UVM email address: sally.jones@uvm.edu
The results of this form will be emailed to this address. Please use an @uvm.edu email address. Please note College of Medicine addresses (@med.uvm.edu) will not receive copies of this form.

Other recipient’s UVM email address (if applicable): john.smith@uvm.edu
The results of this form will be emailed to this address. Please use an @uvm.edu email address. Please note College of Medicine addresses (@med.uvm.edu) will not receive copies of this form.


Technology company name: Fast Track Data Driver

Product/module name: Search Easy

Who will be using this product/module?: UVM Employees, including Faculty, will have access to this web-based tool, which will be housed on the Purchasing web-site.
For example, is it student, faculty, staff, or public facing? (It may be more than one.)

Describe the purpose of the product/module: Search Easy will be used as a web-based search tool for identifying software vendors who work with higher education institutions, based on the function of the software, product ratings, cost, and other metrics.
Please be descriptive as to how, and for what, this is being used.

Are there any other technology products available that serve the same purpose and are fully accessible? Please explain the options that are available: Currently, Search Easy is the only tool on the market that aggregates and allows for keyword searches to be used to identify software products in use in higher education. There are no other products or vendors available.
Please list products and vendor(s)

Describe specifically what part of the system, software, or process has a known accessibility issue: Currently, the search interface is not optimized for mobile devices or enlarging the text.  The format of the pages will change when accessed on a mobile device as well as when the text is enlarged, making it difficult to navigate.  This is a known issue with the company. The company has a plan to fix this issue on their roadmap of improvements, but it is expected that this change won’t take place for at least a year.
You may refer to information that you learned about the product/module’s accessibility during the IT Contract Review process with Purchasing.


List who in your department will be responsible for providing equally effective alternate access for the known accessibility issues: Fast Track Data Driver has agreed to include an accessibility statement on the landing pages of the Search Easy tool.  This statement includes an active link to the general Purchasing email.  It also includes the general phone number for Purchasing.  This statement instructs individuals who experience any barrier related to accessibility to use these contacts.  This email and phone number are monitored by Purchasing’s administrative staff.

Describe in detail how the responsible departments or persons will provide equally effective alternate access: The administrative staff assigned to monitor this email and phone number will be instructed to assist the individual manually by conducting the search with them and then providing the information to them in their requested format.
For example, “To access room availabilities, visitors can go to an accessible web page that contains the same information.”

List any resources required (including training, equipment, additional staff, etc.) to provide equally effective alternate access for the known issue: At this time, Purchasing has the appropriate staff, training, and information to assist an individual with the known accessibility issue. If staff receive a request to provide the information in a format they need assistance with, such as an accessible PDF or Braille, they are instructed to reach out to the ADA Coordinator in Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity for assistance.

Describe the process and timeline that will be implemented if a person with a disability is unable to access this technology: Once an individual makes the request for assistance to Purchasing, staff will respond as soon as they receive the request.  Generally, this will be a same-day response.  If staff do not require additional resources to put the information into a format that the individual requests (ex. accessible PDF or Braille), they will provide the information to the individual by the end of the next business day.  If staff need assistance with the format, they will communicate the plan to obtain this assistance to the individual and determine a timeline for providing the information to the individual in coordination with the ADA Coordinator.

If applicable, provide a brief description or any relevant information regarding repair of the issue by the vendor or third-party service provider, as well as the completion date: The vendor has a plan to address this accessibility issue on its roadmap for improvements.  The target date for this repair is December 31st, 2022. However, the vendor has communicated an intention to complete the repair sooner, if possible.

Updated on October 30, 2020

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