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CEMS Software Access Requests

While most CEMS software is available to all CEMS students, Abaqus, Ansys, COMSOL, and LabView have licensing agreements restricting access to specific courses, research purposes, or based on other criteria.

If you’re a student in a course that requires specialized CEMS software, and you receive a licensing error when attempting to launch one of these applications on Virtual Votey, or you cannot see the software within AppsAnywhere, contact your instructor or academic research advisor and ask them to submit a CEMS Software Access Request.

Submitting a CEMS Software Access Request

CEMS Software Access Requests can be submitted by instructors or academic research advisors

Please allow 24 business hours for Software Access Requests to be processed

  1. Visit the CEMS Software Access Requests page and sign in with your NetID and password.
  2. Under Application, select the application to which you’d like to grant access.
  3. Under Usage Type, identify the purpose for this software request.
    Beware of License Restrictions

    Abaqus and COMSOL cannot be used for any research and are restricted to educational/classroom purposes only.
    Abaqus, Ansys, COMSOL and LabView cannot be used for any revenue-generating purpose.

  4. Under Request for & Reason for Request, select Individual if this access is required for a single person or Class if you would like access to be granted for an entire class.
    1. If you select Individual, enter in the NetID for whom access is being requested.
      Seeking access for multiple users?

      Please make an individual request for each NetID.

    2. If you select Class, choose the appropriate class from the dropdown. This list is populated based on your existing Banner assignments.
  5. In the Reason for request textbox, enter details about the request (Ex. “Course required software,” “TA,” “Independent study,” etc.).

Updated on March 2, 2023

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