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What are Self Assessments?

Self Assessments is a formative assessment tool that enables instructors to provide students with a series of questions and immediate feedback for responses.  Self Assessments allow students to gauge their knowledge and/or readiness for an upcoming exam or assignment.

Self Assessments are not graded and have no point value, and therefore cannot be added to the grade book. The only way for students to know if answers are correct or incorrect is through the feedback provided for each answer choice. Feedback will appear on-screen as soon as the student selects an answer.

Instructors cannot see if a student has completed a Self Assessment. Answers to a Self Assessment are only visible to the student that completes it.

Create a Self Assessment

Create a Self Assessment

To Create a Self Assessment in Brightspace:

  1. On the navbar, click Course Tools and select Self Assessments.
  2. On the Manage Self Assessments page, click New Self Assessment.
  3. In the General area, enter a Name for your self assessment and do any of the following, if desired:
    • Choose a Category for the assessment
    • Select the Allow Hints option to create hints for individual questions that suggest to them how to approach a question.
    • Select Shuffle questions at the self assessment level. This option will shuffle all questions in the self assessment each time an attempt is made.
  4. Click Save.

Add Questions

Create New or Add Existing Questions

D2L recommends that you create all self assessment questions within the Question Library. This enables you to reuse questions in various quizzes, surveys, and self assessments. All point values are removed when importing questions from Question Library to self assessments.

To learn more about the Question Library, see UVM KB Article: Brightspace Quizzes.

To add questions to your self assessment, you can either create a new question or import existing questions.

  1. Create a New Question  To create new questions for your self assessment, navigate to the self assessment and click Add/Edit Questions.
    • New Question allows you to create a new question based on the type of question you want (Multiple Choice, True/False, etc).
      1. Click New and select a question type from the drop-down menu.
      2. Enter the Details for your question.
      3. Click Save to close the window; click Save and New to save the current question and begin a new question; or click Save and Copy to create a new question that is a copy of the current question.
  2. Import existing questions from a file or from the Question Library. To import existing questions to a self assessment, navigate to the self assessment and click Add/Edit Questions.
      1. Click Import and choose either of the following:
        • To import questions from a file, click Upload a File and follow the prompts to upload the file from your computer.
        • To import questions from the Question Library, click Browse Question Library and select the question(s) you want to add to the self assessment. Click Import.
      2. Once all questions have been added, click Done Editing Questions, then click Save.

COMING IN FALL 2023: Import from Learning Repository allows you to browse and choose learning resources to add to your self assessment.

Add Sections/Shuffle Questions

Add Sections/Shuffle Questions

You can add sections to a self assessment to organize your questions into folders. Just as you can choose to shuffle all questions in a self assessment, you can shuffle questions within each section.

Create a New Section To create a section, navigate to the self assessment and click New. From the drop-down menu, select Section.

    1. Enter the Section Title.
    2. Enter the Section Text, if any.
    3. You can choose to select checkboxes that allow you to Hide Section Title from learners and Hide Section Text from learners.
    4. To shuffle questions within a section, select Shuffle questions in this section.
    5. Click Save.

The new section will appear in your list of questions next to a folder icon:

Add Feedback

Add Feedback to Self Assessment

It is important to provide feedback for each question in a Self Assessment. Feedback provides a basis for improving content comprehension (e.g. rather than just correct or incorrect). In some question types (like multiple choice), you can also provide feedback for each answer choice within a question.

Add Feedback to a Multiple Choice Question

      1. While in a Self Assessment, create a new or add an existing multiple choice question.
      2. To add feedback, click Options and select Add Feedback.
      3. Add your feedback in the Feedback fields under each response. Click Save.
      4. The following image shows how the feedback will be displayed to a student upon answering a question:

Updated on March 26, 2024

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