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Instructors can use the Checklists Tool to help students stay on track with assignments and tasks for a course. The checklist provides a way to organize upcoming tasks related to assignments and other projects, including group projects.  Checklists can be especially helpful to identify all elements for a large semester-long project that students can incrementally mark off as completed throughout the semester.

Add a Checklist to Your Course

Note: All checklist items must reside in a category. 

Here are directions (links to documentation on Brightspace Community web site) to create a checklist:  Create a Checklist.

Copy a Checklist in Your Course

Once you have a checklist created, it is simple to copy that layout to create additional similar checklists in the course. Here are directions (links to documentation on the Brightspace Community web site) to copy a checklist: Copy a Checklist.

Updated on August 11, 2023

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