The Long-Term Soil Monitoring Program

The Long-Term Soils Monitoring Database (LTSM) is currently being developed by the FEMC staff. The database supports a long-term soils monitoring project started in 2002, with the goal of lasting for one hundred years. 2017 will mark the fourth year of long-term soils monitoring carried out by FEMC and our partners. The data that will be collected and viewable through the LTSM Database include soil chemistry, soil descriptions, by-species tree regeneration counts, size and health of surrounding trees, and understory percent cover.

A feat as large as this wouldn't be possible without the help and support from the University of Vermont, USDA Forest Service, Northern Forest Research Station, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, VT Dept of Forest, Parks, and Recreation, and the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests.

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