Join Kimberly Hagen & Researchers from the Gund Institute to Learn about Solar in Vermont's Working Landscape

Virtual Workshop 9:00 a.m. September 10, 2020
image description: two women with a table with raw wool, outside under blue skies

Grazing Specialist Kimberly Hagen will join researchers from UVM's Gund Institute as well as colleagues from McGill to discuss the place of solar installations in Vermont's working landscape on September 10, 2020.  Kimberly's part of the project has been to help investigate how grazing animals can be alongside - and impact - pollinator plants and photovoltaic arrays on  prime agricultural land

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Seeking a Just Vermont Food System in July 2020

We affirm that Black Lives Matter, and that we at the Center for Sustainable Agriculture here at the University of Vermont, are in positions of privilege afforded to us solely by the privilege of having white skin.

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New Agroforestry Publication from the Center's Juan Alvez in Collaboration with Researchers in Brazil

At the Center for Sustainable Agriculture, one of the threads that runs through our learning and our projects is a deep belief that interdependence and complexity make systems stronger and help all living things to thrive.

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