Teamwork on the Farm, for the Good of the Whole Landscape

Lessons learned at the conclusion of the Long Island Sound Regional Conservation Partnership Project
four masked people walking in a green pasture, one of whom is holding a large white plastic bucket and soil probe

Since 2015, the Center for Sustainable Agriculture has been part of a regional effort to improve an entire watershed's water quality by working directly with farmers.

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Vermont Grazing & Livestock Conference January 2021

Even in these challenging times (or maybe especially in these challenging times), it is good to gather in whatever ways we can to share knowledge, build connection, and envision a future of thriving for people, communities and natural systems.

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image description: a smiling young woman with sunglasses leaning against the neck of a brown cow on a sunny day

Meet Maia, Dairy Grazing Apprentice

In times of such challenge and change, it's possible to lose sight of the growth and thriving around us daily.  But, truthfully, life mostly goes on - and that's maybe especially true on farms.  Animals still need care, people still tend the earth, and in turn bring food and fiber and fuel to their customers and community.

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