Blue sky, green grass, and sheep grazing between weathered posts in what the viewer may not know is a vineyard.

The Center was founded in 1994 to conduct research and outreach to help Vermont move forward as a leader in sustainable agricultural practices.


Since that time, we have engaged in countless outreach and applied research projects, helped launch new programs within and outside UVM, and developed a cross-disciplinary, systems-based approach to addressing needs in Vermont's vibrant food system. We continue to research leading-edge practices and new approaches that help farmers and other food system stakeholders who are seeking profitability, incorporating environmentally regenerative practices, and addressing social and community-based food-related needs. We are a proud part of UVM Extension, and work in close collaboration with other Extension programs as well as many other colleagues on-campus and in the broader community.

Supporting the Center

yellow and black swallowtail butterfly on the round pink buds of a milkweed plant

The Center is funded by a combination of grants, contracts, federal and state support ("Extension Funding"), gifts from individuals and companies, proceeds from endowment funds, and fees for workshops and other activities.

If you would like to support or sponsor any element of our work, please contact Center Director Linda Berlin to talk about your areas of interest.  Or our online form is always available if you are ready to make a gift now.

Read more about our values and our approach on our About the Center page.

Details on our current work are on the Research and Projects page.

Interested in knowing more about the Center's work or do you have a question we haven't answered here?  Contact us via email or 802-656-5459 and we'll do our best to help.