Our purpose is to understand what is and what isn't working in grass-based farming systems now, and to explore, understand, and share promising practices for a resilient future.

UVM Extension Grazing Programming work across three teams throughout Vermont to be the go-to resource for all your grazing needs. Please visit our shared

Grazing and Livestock Website

for more information.

Current research topics include:

Recently completed projects:

UVM Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture


  • Contact with Extension Grazing & Livestock personnel, and strategic partnerships:  Andrew May at andrew.may @uvm.edu
  • New England Grazing Network or regional partnerships: Jenn Colby at 802-535-7606 or jenn@howlingwolffarm.com
  • Vermont Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program Education Coordinator Mary Ellen Franklin at MaryEllen.Franklin@uvm.edu
  • Pasture or grazing research questions or ideas: Juan Alvez at 802-656-6116 or juan.alvez@uvm.edu

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