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We know that farmers themselves are often the best source of innovative and progressive ideas and practices.  As researchers and part of Extension, we want to learn about, encourage and support these practices to increase the social, environmental or economic sustainability of farming in the Northeast.  

To this end, we partner with the Vermont Grass Farmers Association (VGFA) in order to provide mini-grants to test new ideas and approaches (thanks to an endowed gift from a Center donor who wanted to be sure that research to promote sustainability on Vermont farms would be able to be funded in perpetuity).  Visit VGFA's website to learn about upcoming grant rounds.

Findings from Past Projects

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In many ways, the most important part of any project is sharing research findings so that all might benefit from gains in knowledge.  Please have a look below, and let us know if you have any questions about how to apply these principles in your own operation.

Bedded Pack vs. Bale Grazing (Bread & Butter Farm, 2020)

Bread & Butter Farm compared components of bale grazing and bedded pack on cow health, pasture health and costs in the winters of 2018 and 2019 and shared their observations in this poster (PDF download).

Lab Nutritional Analysis of Ensiled Tree Leaves and Ensiled Chipped Leafy Branches, with Dried (non- ensiled) Comparisons, plus Average Grass Fodder Comparison, and Relation to Animal Responses.(3 Streams Farm, 2020)

This project examined the nutritional value and palatability of ensiled leaf fodder from their multi-enterprise Maine Farm.  Findings are shared online here.

Rabbit Kindling Tractors (Rebop Farm, 2018)

The farmers proposed to use a  kindling tractor for rabbit breeding stock to birth and nurse on pasture will improve overall kit health, and reduce health issues related to confinement, and shared their findings in this poster (PDF download).

Producing and Marketing Pasture-raised Geese in Vermont (Gozzard City, 2014)

The farmers at Gozzard City explored many elements of raising goose on pasture and bringing them to market, ranging from specifics of feed to what words "sell meat" to consumers.  Read the details in their presentation (PDF download).


Interested in knowing more about the Center's work or do you have a question we haven't answered here?  Contact us via email or  802-656-5459 and we'll do our best to help.

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