We bring a food systems focus to Vermont agriculture by conducting research, supporting new projects and bringing a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to the opportunities and challenges facing Vermont growers and agriculture-related businesses.

We research leading-edge practices and new approaches that help farmers and other food system stakeholders who are seeking profitability, incorporating environmentally regenerative practices, and addressing social and community-based food-related needs.

Areas of Research

Grass Farming & Livestock Production

Lush Grass on a Connecticut River Valley Farm

Current research and projects are focused on:

Recently completed projects:

Soil Health

Improved soil health helps protect water quality, increases profitability, helps sequester carbon, and increases a farm's resiliency to withstand extreme weather events.  Healthy soil is the foundation of sustainable farming, and is a primary consideration in our research projects.

Though nearly all of our work is centered around soil health, the projects listed here have a particular soil health component:

Recently completed projects:

Land Access

Land Assessment Workshop

We are here to help new and existing farmers find the land they need to sustainably grow crops and raise livestock while achieving financial viability.

Recently completed projects in this area:

Social Components of Sustainability

We have a special interest in understanding how community structures and relationships are part of lasting, vibrant farm and food systems.  Current and recent work in this area includes:

People Who Do:

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    • Grazing management
    • Agroecology
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  • Center Director
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  • Pasture Program Coordinator
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    • Grass-based livestock production...
  • Farming & Climate Change Coordinator
    • Agricultural hydrology
    • Water quality...
  • Grazing Specialist
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    • Grass-based livestock production...