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Through a project formally titled, “Dairy Soil & Water Regeneration: building soil health to reduce greenhouse gases, improve water quality and enable new economic benefits", a team of UVM researchers led by Dr. Joshua Faulkner is engaging in a six-year study to improve the environmental impacts of the dairy industry.   


The goal of this six-year project is to understand if dairy feed production systems using advanced soil health management practices can sequester as much carbon as they emit, essentially becoming ‘net zero’.  In addition to quantifying soil carbon sequestration, the study will also evaluate soil health, surface and subsurface water quality, greenhouse gas emissions from the soil, and crop yield.  Climate, soils, and farming systems are different throughout the country, and UVM’s portion of the project will focus on the Northeast, and more specifically, Vermont.  Soil health management practices investigated will include cover crops, no-till, manure injection, and usage of low-phosphorus manure.

More information about the project

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Joshua Faulkner, Principal Investigator, Farming & Climate Change Coordinator, 802-656-3495 or

Carol Adair, Co-Principal Investigator, Rubenstein School for the Environment & Natural Resources

Eric Roy, Co-Principal Investigator, Rubenstein School for the Environment & Natural Resources

Kirsten Workman, Co-Principal Investigator, UVM Extension Agronomy Outreach Professional,

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