The vision of PROSPER is to support community partnerships that sustain the most effective programs for promoting positive youth development and strong families, and to facilitate translation of prevention science into widespread community practice. PROSPER stands for PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience. 

This evidence-based delivery system links university-based prevention researchers with two established program delivery systems within a state—the Cooperative Extension System at the Land Grant University and the public school system. The public school system offers collaborators who support evidence-based programs access to youth in the community. Extension offers knowledge of the community and experience in disseminating educational programs. In this way, the delivery system entails a partnership-based approach to evidence-based programming, called the PROSPER Partnership model. More about PROSPER Programs.

Otter Valley

Why Otter Valley is a PROSPER Partner: It is hard to be an adolescent in these challenging times. PROSPER labors under the belief that by equipping youth with better communication, problem solving, and decision making skills, they will grow into well rounded adults, resulting in positive changes community-wide.  In an effort to facilitate connectivity for youth and help the Rutland region thrive, UVM Extension has joined with Otter Valley Union High School for another PROSPER Partnership. Since Sixth graders in the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union are dispersed across 5 different rural schools, PROSPER provides the perfect platform to bring those youths together in a centralized location. All sixth graders in the district, with their families, are invited to participate in the PROSPER Strengthening Families 10-14 workshop series. The workshops work with youth and their families, to create healthy habits and relationships, which sixth graders can carry with them, as they leave the comfort of their rural middle-schools, and consolidate at the Otter Valley Union High School for seventh grade. As seventh graders, all students at the Otter Valley Union High School will receive the Life Skills curriculum, a follow up to the Strengthening Families program; both programs are geared towards helping youth prosper, because when youth prosper, we all do. Find them on Facebook.

Otter Valley Team

2997 Franklin Street   Brandon, VT 05733   802-247-6833

Kimberly Griffin, Team Leader, UVM Extension, 802-773-3349
Katie Wallet, Co-Leader and SAP Counselor
Ellen Rowe, Prevention Coordinator, UVM Extension
Geoff Lawrence, Associate Principal, OVUHS
Judi Pulsifer, Principal. Neshobe Elementary
Thom Fleury, Principal, Leicester Central School
Pat Hunter, SFP 10-14 Facilitator
Claudia Larrow, Middle School Guidance Counselor
Bill Moore, Town of Brandon
Sarah Roy, Vermont Department of Health
Lisa Ryan, SFP 10-14 Facilitator
Erika Stockledger, Parent and SFP 10-14 Facilitator

Lyndon Town School

Sketch of Lyndon Town SchoolWhy Lyndon Town School is a PROSPER Partner: The decisions we make today, dictate the life we lead. It is important to have the tools in life that can help us live a happy, healthy and satisfying life. The earlier we gain these tools the sooner we start using them and the better our lives can be. Step Up and PROSPER at Lyndon Town School is a tool that will assist in the transition from 5th grade to middle school; not just for students but for families as well. Communication, problem solving, decision making, healthy choices, cooperation, leadership and self-responsibility are just some of the many life skills a 6th grader and their family will address by participating in Strengthening Families Program 10-14. Students continue to participate in this evidence-based programming with LifeSkills in 7th grade. Join us in the belief that your actions now will impact your future.

Lyndon Town School Team

2591 Lily Pond Road  |  Lyndonville, VT 05851  |  802-626-3209

Anthony Willey, Team Leader, 802-751-8307 ext. 357
Mollie Falk, Co-Leader, LTS School Guidance Counselor, and SFP 10-14 Facilitator
Ellen Rowe, Prevention Coordinator, UVM Extension
Amy Gale, LTS Principal
Kathrin Lawlor, Vermont Department of Health
Lindsay Carpenter, Community member and SFP 10-14 Facilitator
Sue Galipeault, LTS teacher and SFP 10-14 Facilitator/Trainer
Beth Knapinski, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
Jeanne Laughton, Faith-based Community Representative
Tim and Lisa Ulrich, LTS Parents

Camels Hump Middle School

Why Camels Hump Middle School is a PROSPER Partner: In an effort to provide community dialogue and resources, University of Vermont Extension has partnered with the Camels Hump Middle School to implement PROSPER. Since the Fall of 2013, PROSPER Teams, composed of community stakeholders, cooperate to deliver evidence-based programs to a critical mass of families and youth in a targeted age group to bring about positive community-wide change. The Camels Hump Middle School serves as a community gathering spot, where the school community can access resources and programming. Read About PROSPER's Impact at Camel's Hump (pdf)

Camels Hump Team

173 School Street | Richmond, VT 05477 | 802-434-2188

Kara Bissonnette, Team Leader and SFP 10-14 Facilitator
Rachel Elliot, Co-Leader, CHMS School Health teacher and SFP 10-14 Facilitator
Ellen Rowe, Prevention Coordinator, UVM Extension
Mark Carbone, CHMS Principal
Bryan Agran, Parent
Stephanie Albaugh, SFP 10-14 Facilitator
Michael Dooling, Parent
Megan Fitzpatrick, Parent
Keith Fitzpatrick, Parent
Amanda Froeschle, Vermont Department of Health
Leah Licari, SFP 10-14 Facilitator
Ken Nussbaum, Parent
Rebecca Thompson, Parent and SFP 10-14 Facilitator


PROSPER Partners

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About National PROSPER


State Management Team

The State Management Team coordinates implementation across community sites and conducts process and outcome evaluation.

Sarah Kleinman, PROSPER State Coordinator & State Agency Advisory
Responsible for the local functioning of the community teams.  Make sure Prevention Coordinator and Team Leaders have the resources to do their jobs.  Liaison, convener of state agencies to keep them informed and solicit their input.

Ellen Rowe, PROSPER Evaluation Coordinator
Oversees web-based youth surveys for school-based program as well as hard copy youth and parent/guardian surveys for family-based program.  Works with Team Leaders to collect survey data and fidelity observation forms.  Creates reports and shares data with funders and collaborators.

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