Buying, renting, or sharing a home, and everything else that comes along with moving.

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Information for Tenants


Homesharing allows two or more people to share a home for mutual benefit. Private and shared space is provided often at no or reduced rent in exchange for support around the home. HomeShare Vermont has been working within the community for 35+ years to screen and match clients resulting in housing arrangements that fit the unique needs and interests of the people involved. To find out more, please visit


Below are some links to commonly used utility companies in and around Burlington. If renting, be sure to talk to your landlord to confirm which companies provided the utilities for the previous tenants.

Cable and Internet


Natural Gas

Trash, Compost, Recycling


Vermont Residency & Voter Registration

Information on establishing residency can be found on Vermont's DMV website

Residents 18 years or older who are citizens of the U.S. may register to vote in Vermont and may do so any day leading up to and including the day of an election. Vermont has registration and voting options both online and in-person.

Please visit Vermont's voter website for more information on registration, ways to vote, and Vermont's accessible voting system.