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Operating and Maintenance Manuals

Here you will find links to PDFs supplied to us at the conclusion of the lab construction process. This web page serves as a central repository for this information so that maintenance and troubleshooting can be expedited in the future. The documents can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the underlined sections.

02 Index (PDF)
03 Emergency Contacts (PDF)
04 Project Directory (PDF)
05 Certificate of Occupancy (PDF)
06A Training Attendees Mechanical (PDF)
06B Training Attendees Electrical (PDF)
06 Training Agenda (PDF)
7500 Roofing (PDF)
8100 Doors and Frames and Hardware (PDF)
8400-1 Auto Sliding Doors and Glazing (PDF)
8400-2 Automatic Door Controls (PDF)
9300 Floor, Tile and Vinyl Base (PDF)
9900 Painting (PDF)
10100 Specialty Furnishings (PDF)
12300 Laboratory Casework and Fume Hoods (PDF)
13930 Sprinkler and Fire Protection (PDF)
15000 Mechanical (PDF)
16000 Electrical (PDF)
Atomic lab clocks (PDF)
Mini-helics (PDF)
Alpha Elegant pager (PDF)
Varicel filter information (PDF)
TFI Inline Fume Scrubber (PDF)