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Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory and Geomorphology Research Group

Information for Operating the UVM Cosmogenic Lab

Operating a cosmogenic nuclide extraction laboratory that processes large numbers of samples each year is a complex task. To streamline and maintain those operations as well as to provide information for others wanting to establish such a laboratory, we have built web pages showing:

  • As-built drawings of the Laboratory
  • Operating Manuals - Infrastructure
  • Operating Manuals - Lab Equipment
  • Specifications - Lab Construction
  • Useful articles, maps, methods for Mineral Separation Lab & Cosmolab
  • Reports - Tests of Lab Systems
  • Reports - Analysis of Reagents & Standards and Certificates of Conformity
  • As built drawings and balance repors, 2016 HVAC update

    We also include links to many of our primary suppliers of materials and equipment for outfitting and operation of the lab.

  • Lab Supplies - VWR Web Page
  • Lab Supplies - Fisher Scientific Web Page
  • ICP Supplies - JY Horiba consumables list
  • Gas Detection - Enmet Web page
  • Gas Supplies - Airgas Contact Information
  • Fully Exhausting Laminar Flow Hoods - TFI Web page
  • Teflon coating - Donwell Web page
  • Teflon Materials - Savillex Web Page and Savillex catalogue

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