Biomedical and Health Sciences professor Seth Frietze recently returned from Norway where he spent three months working with graduate students as a visiting professor at the University of Oslo. The university invited Dr. Frietze and supported his work through a Norwegian Cancer Society research grant that allowed Norwegian scientists to tap into Frietze’s expertise on cancer genomics, immunotherapies, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Frietze worked with graduate students and postdoctoral candidates exploring novel therapies for blood cancers including multiple myeloma and leukemia. Frietze describes his work as "molecular profiling" to identify better drug targets and cancer biomarkers, which may improve cancer treatments. His research in Norway resulted in several papers that have been accepted for publication and additional ideas leading to new research collaborations between the University of Oslo and UVM.

An expert in molecular mechanisms of gene expression in the pathological progression of cancer, Frietze has co-authored numerous research papers on cancer transcriptomes (RNA), epigenomes (DNA structures) and genome sequencing of cancer cells. He seeks to train his students to use cutting-edge molecular technologies and to apply basic research skills to address important biomedical questions.


Janet Lynn Essman Franz