Study Examined Outcomes of Wellness Training

Research by Janet Kahn, Ph.D., LMT supporting integrative postdeployment healing earned the Military Family Research Institute’s annual award for Excellence in Research on Military and Veteran Families.

Published in the September 2016 issue of the Journal of Medical Internet Research, “Post-9/11 Veterans and their partners improve mental health outcomes with a self-directed mobile and web-based wellness training program: A randomized controlled trial,” was recognized for its insight into an important issue faced by military and veteran families.

“Veterans returning from post-9/11 wars often come home with multiple kinds of wounds. These include physical injuries from joint pain to limb loss, emotional suffering including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cognitive impairments from traumatic brain injury of varying degrees and the pain of moral injury,” said Kahn.

To address this concern, Kahn developed a Web-based, self-directed program called “Mission Reconnect” that provides instruction in mind-and body-based wellness skills for veterans and their significant relationship partners. The program teaches practices known to shift neurochemistry and ease pain.

“As a self-directed program, it allows users to focus on strategies they find most beneficial,“ said Kahn. “The program specifically supports physical, emotional, spiritual and relationship wellbeing. These changes make a meaningful difference in their lives.”

Dr. Kahn is a medical sociologist, massage therapist and research assistant professor in the Larner College of Medicine. She serves as a research affiliate of the Department of Rehabilitation Science and teaches HLTH 101: Introduction to Integrative Health.


Janet Lynn Essman Franz