Congratulations to the Spring 2020 Clean Energy Fund Recipients!

Results of the Spring CEF Academics/Co-curricular, and Infrastructure project funding process are below. Read the full Executive Summary (PDF).

Clean Energy Fund Forum Proposals - Spring 2020
ProposalDescriptionProposed byFinal decision by VPFA

UVM electric lawn equipment pilot

  • Proposal is to fund commercial electric lawn mower for Physical Plant Department (PPD) pilot and student intern for data analysis
  • Supports university’s climate action plan goals and emissions reductions; eligible for $3.5k BED rebate
  • Stipend for an intern to collect data from the pilot & compile a report over 5 months, 5 hours a week for 20 weeks at $11/hour.
  • Niels Arentzen, GSB; VT Clean Cities Coalition; Transportation & Parking Services

Full funding: $16,900

Intern stipend: $15/hour

Create Carbon Offset Resource Internship: Phase II

  • Proposal is to fund internship to promote the use of carbon offset options by UVM students
  • Builds off of options identified during previous CEF funded internship by Grace Buddy (Phase I)
  • Plan is to develop a presentation and target 3-5 UVM departments to gain face to face buy-in
  • 6 hours a week, for 10 weeks, paid weekly at $15/hr.

Full funding: $900

Intern stipend: $15/hour

UVM Sustainability Information Accumulation Internship

  • Proposal is to fund internship focused on centralizing sustainability data on the Office of Sustainability (OoS) website
  • Various benefits noted including increased longevity for CEF projects, inspiring future applications, raising sustainability awareness, platform for comparing UVM to other universities
  • 3 interns, 8 hours a week, for 11 weeks, to be paid weekly at $18/hour

Full funding: $3,960

Intern stipend: $15/hour

Energy Efficiency and Education Investment Program: Phase I (PDF)

  • Proposal is to fund conducting energy audits for 4 inefficient UVM buildings in order to perform energy-efficiency upgrades to reduce energy consumption.
  • Extends audit and upgrade effort currently being done by RSENR to the rest of the campus.
  • Phase II will seek funds from Energy Revolving Fund (ERF) and possible Efficiency Vermont, Burlington Electric, and VT Gas grants for upgrade support.

This plan needs more detail, including some contextualization within other research that has been conducted on campus.SRIAC requests a revision to this proposal.

Support Charging Stations near CCRH (PDF)

  • Proposal is to fund the installation of 2dual-port charging stations (EVSEs) in the Converse Lot located near the CCRH residence hall.
  • Project would leverage funding secured through a competitive state application (~$25,000) which risks being returned otherwise, TPS’s contribution (~$3,000), and UVM costs to lay conduit (~$10,000).
  • Location identified as a desirable in the previously CEF-funded campus charging station study and would increase UVM’s Level 2 charging capacity by 40%.
SRIAC will fund up to half ($11,175) of the requested amount ($22,350) of the charging station and requests that TPS approach BED or other sources to look for additional funding.
SRIAC encourages a proposal from TPS to fund a strategy and plan for installing EV charging stations across campus to increase students’ access.

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Elizabeth Palchak, Sustainable Funds Coordinator

Clean Energy Fund Student Proposal

"We envision a UVM of the future that runs efficiently on a fraction of its current energy needs, powered by clean, locally produced renewable energy that fills university needs and supports the local economy. We believe students can and must be the first movers on the critical issue of global climate change, and can make meaningful differences with the support of the entire UVM, Burlington, and Vermont communities."

Approved by the Board of Trustees, May 2008