The SRI Advisory Council welcomes your feedback on the proposals presented at the March 24th forum. To see the presentations, click on the links in the first column in the table below.
Please email the following:

  • The title of the presentation you wish to comment on (see below)
  • Your perspective on four key criteria:
    1. Project alignment with CEF goals (connections to renewable energy development an displacing fossil fuel energy use)
    2. Potential for impact (evaluated in part by the number of students served by the project)
    3. Budget (clearly explained and appropriate for the activities proposed)
    4. Timeline and feasibility (manageable and appropriate for the proposed project)

The public comment period will close on April 10th.

Spring 2020 Clean Energy Fund Forum Presentations 

Clean Energy Fund Forum Proposals - Spring 2020
Proposal/Presentation Description Proposed by Funding request

UVM electric lawn equipment pilot (PDF)

Fund commercial electric lawn mower for Physical Plant Department pilot and student intern for data analysis
  • Niels Arentzen, GSB; VT Clean Cities Coalition; Transportation & Parking Services

Create Carbon Offset Resource Internship: Phase II (PDF)

Fund internship to promote the use of carbon offset options by UVM students $900

UVM Sustainability Information Accumulation Internship (PDF)

Fund internship focused on centralizing  sustainability data on the Office of Sustainability website $4,752

Student Parking Pass Buyout (PDF)

Fund the buyout of 60 individual parking passes from students through a promotion campaign (gift cards to local businesses)
  • Evan Foster CAS; Center for Research on Vermont; Parking and Transportation Services

Energy Efficiency and Education Investment Program: Phase I (PDF)

Fund conducting energy audits for 4 inefficient UVM buildings in order to perform energy-efficiency upgrades to reduce energy consumption $37,981

Support Charging Stations near CCRH (PDF)

Fund the installation of 2 dual-port charging stations (EVSEs) in the Converse Lot located near the CCRH residence hall $23,500

Fall 2019 Clean Energy Fund Forum Results

Results of the Fall 2019 CEF Academics/Co-curricular, and Infrastructure project funding process are below. Read the full Executive Summary (PDF).

These innovative ideas were designed to advance the mission of the Clean Energy Fund.

Proposal Description Proposed by Decision

Allen House Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Install a single dual-port ChargePoint electric vehicle charging station near Allen House. Gioia Thompson, Office of Sustainability and Eliana Fox, Vermont Clean Cities Coalition Members supported fully funding the charging station.

Zero Emissions Residence Hall Organics Collection

Covers one-time, up-front cost of purchasing an e-assist bicycle and trailer for compost collection at 23 residence halls. Corey Berman, Program Manager, UVM Recycling Members supported funding the proposal at $6,000.

Howe Library Stack Light Renovation: Phase 2

Replace outdated, non-LED/CFL lighting above the book shelves on the 2nd floor of the Howe library with motion-sensor activated LEDs. Aidan Doherty CAS, Political Science and and Rich Wolbach, Energy Manager Members supported fully funding the proposal.

Curating the Conversation on Clean Energy and Climate at UVM: A Digital Media Internship

Produce 30-minute podcasts released in time for Earth Week in April, 2020 to support the conversation on clean energy and climate at UVM. Josie Friedman, Climate Communication Advocacy and Literacy Lab (CCALL), Undergraduate Student Members supported fully funding the proposal.

Shower Timer Provision to On-Campus Residents

Provide shower timers for up to 500 on-campus students to reduce water and energy use, thus reducing carbon emissions. Zach Merson, Undergraduate Student, Natural Resources, RSENR Members supported fully funding the proposal.

Off-Campus Composting

Develop off-campus composting for off-campus students, in accordance with new laws requiring composting at the university. Jake Gess and Hannah King, CALS students, 2nd year undergraduates Members voted to not fund this proposal & encouraged proposers to return in the spring with a plan for leveraging UVM’s existing composting services to support off-campus students.

Student Parking Pass Buyout

Fund the buyback of 20 individual parking passes from students through a promotion campaign and incentives (gift card to City Market) Jacob Weinstein, Center for Research on Vermont, UVM Transportation & Parking Service Members voted to not fund the proposal at this time.


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Clean Energy Fund Student Proposal

"We envision a UVM of the future that runs efficiently on a fraction of its current energy needs, powered by clean, locally produced renewable energy that fills university needs and supports the local economy. We believe students can and must be the first movers on the critical issue of global climate change, and can make meaningful differences with the support of the entire UVM, Burlington, and Vermont communities."

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