Since 2009, we have partnered with more than 70 schools to engage young adolescents in meaningful learning. 

Our Approach

Systems Leadership
We lead schools to create an asset-centered vision for change through a collaborative inquiry into their current practices and collective aspirations. This inquiry and vision process sets an agenda to disrupt inequities and foster sustainable school-level transformation through collective commitment to an actionable plan.

Professional Learning & Capacity Building
The Tarrant Institute’s embedded professional learning facilitators work with teachers and school leaders to co-create and coordinate school-wide or district-wide agendas for professional learning that are rooted in inquiry and reflection, centered on equity and collaboration, and aligned to school, district, and state strategic plans. We co-design iterative inquiry-action-reflection research cycles to implement innovative practices and evolve school structures and systems to create engaging student-centered learning experiences and thriving cultures.

Community Building
Relationships and community are at the heart of systems change. Youth and educators need healthy and vibrant communities to thrive. We support schools to deepen their commitment to community building and implement practices, structures, and processes that nurture a school culture that:

  • Values identity, relationship, and belonging;
  • Recognizes the assets already present in individuals and communities;
  • Honors the humanity of all.

Effective school change

Here are a few examples of what our partner schools have been able to accomplish through collaborating with us:

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Who are our partner schools?

We support partner schools with tech-rich, on-site professional development and provide funding for technology innovations. See our current partners.